File this one under “too good to be true”…

The Blue Jays continued to add pitching depth on Monday, signing right-hander Shawn Camp to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training.

Pitching depth? You wanna know what else had depth? The Titanic when it sank. Wanna know what doesn’t sink? Shawn Camp’s sinker.

After allowing 642* inherited runners to score the last two seasons, Shawn Camp will have an opportunity to repay the Rays and their fans as the Rays may have an opportunity to experience exactly how much fun it is to face Shawn Camp.

Now somebody just needs to warn the parents of Toronto-area children. If you hear that a couple of Blue Jays will be reading Dr. Seuss books to your kids…let them call in sick. Or risk having THIS happen to them.

*590 of those might have occurred during nightmares we had at night.

Jays continue to add pitching depth []



  1. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    How many 2007 Devil Rays have signed minor league deals this off-season? My count is that three? Camp, Corcoran and Cantu. I think i am forgetting somebody. Just shows how shitty the team really was when the Rays broke camp last year.

    Gets back to your post last week about having actual major leaguers on the roster. THERE IS A NOVEL CONCEPT!

  2. The Professor says:

    although not with the team out of spring training...add Switzer, Velandia and Casanova to that list

  3. Robert Rittner says:

    Although I think the point is valid, for it to be really credible you would have to compare the number of former Rays who signed minor league contracts with former players on every other team to see whether it places the Rays in a unique position. I am guessing it would, but cannot be certain.

    I think too you would have to ask how many of the Rays were integral to the team when it broke camp and how many were more peripheral players. On your list, Cantu was already deemed no more than a fill-in and the rest were relievers from among whom the Rays were trying to find a bullpen.

    Also, I think the professor is too hard on Camp. He was awful in 2007 but he was pretty much average in 2006 and may have been particularly victimized by the limited range of the Rays' infielders last year. I doubt he will ever be more than average, if that, but in any given year that sinker-which does indeed sink and has terrific movement-could make him valuable.

    Part of his problem in 2007 was a decline in his usually solid command and control. If he reclaims that, he can contribute.

  4. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    that video always cracks me up. and to think they read the entire book to those kids and the clips we see were apparently the best of the bunch!

  5. The Professor says:

    RR- you are correct. Camp can be good. and in a number of posts last season, I directed the venom more towards Joe Maddon.

    I dont think that I criticize Maddon's in-game moves very often. But even though Camp was leading the league by a large margin in number of inherited runners that he allowed to score...for some reason Maddon kept sending Camp out there with runners on base in crucial situations. Part of that was a lack of alternatives, but at some point you have to be aware that Camp's sinker is not sinking and combine that with the poor infield defense behind him (Camps is a gb pitcher), and Maddon should have realized that Camp was no longer a good option in those situations.

    but in the end, it was Shawn Camp who was on the mound allowing runner after runner to score

  6. Big Mike says:

    there was no more demoralizing feeling than seeing Joe wobble out to the mound and see Shawn Camp come into the game with a runner or runners on base. It was darn near a guaranteed run.

    And while it wasnt always with the lead, most of the times i think it was when the DRays trailed by 1 or 2 and were still in the game. we were still looking for a rally. but when Camp came in we knew the game was over and 5 minutes later the Rays were down by 3.

    I'm getting stressed out just thinking about it.


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