Patrick Reusse of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote a piece entitled “Young has makings of winner” in which he offers evidence that Delmon Young is an adequate replacement for Torii Hunter.

Twins followers now have the choice of continuing to lament the departure of the productive, gregarious Hunter, or to be optimistic that the Twins were aggressive in finding a righthanded hitter of outstanding potential to replace him in the batting order, if not in center field.

We have our own reservations with Young’s “outstanding potential” (He is a 5-tool player that has never displayed three of those tools [Speed, Average, Glove] at any level). But our problem with this piece is the assertion that Young will be a “winner”. Young has a history of showing that he is anything but a “winner”.

  • Suspended 50 games for hitting an umpire with a bat.
  • Returned from suspension and refused to answer questions about bat-tossing incident and snapped at reporters repeatedly.
  • Told reporters he had not talked to manger or teammates after the incident because he did not need to socialize on past events”.
  • Complained openly to the press about not being promoted to the majors sooner.
  • Complained openly to the press about having to play center field after the suspension of Elijah Dukes and an injury to BJ Upton, leaving Rays with no other options.
  • Blasted manager Joe Maddon for the way he was treated after failing to run-out a groundball in the penultimate game of the season, which led to Young being pulled from the lineup. The tirade led to a 1-game benching (later rescinded).

Did we mention that all those incidents occurred in a two-year span?

We are surprised that anybody that follows the Minnesota Twins would refer to a player with this much baggage as somebody with “the makings of a winner”. The Twins of the last 20+ years have been the beacon of respectability in baseball and the ultimate example of the proper way to do things. The Twins have always been the classic example of “team”. Players are taught from the lower-levels on, that the “team” comes first, with strong emphases placed on sacrifices, moving runners over and fundamentals in the field. Delmon Young is a talented baseball player, but he has yet to show any signs of having “the makings of a winner”.

Young has makings of winner [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]



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