With the holiday season upon us, Rays Index will be taking a semi-vacation. Mrs. Professor and I will be crisscrossing the country and there will not be any “Hangovers” until after the New Year, mainly because we fully expect to have a Hangover on a daily basis. However, we will be back here to report/comment on any news that requires our attention (They finally got internet in the Midwest, just this year…dial-up). We will be back full-time in January ready to bring another 12 months of Hangovers, “Devil Rays Columnists Suck” posts, roster and payroll projections, poop jokes and other poorly edited tomfoolery.

In the meantime we will leave you with this a-mazing video which we were directed to by one of our commenters. While we admire Major League Baseball’s attempt to attract fans under the age of 45, we don’t know if we should be excited or embarrassed by BJ Upton’s appearance in a video that reminds us a little too much of the gym I used to go to in Chelsea. (think Queer Eye for the Baseball Guys).

[Ed. note: The YouTube clip is down, but you can find the video HERE]



  1. Anonymous says:

    my feelings are confusing me...i am slightly embarrassed that Upton is in the video but I am also embarrassed as a Rays fan that the one Ray in the video didn't warrant a speaking/singing role.

  2. rz says:

    baseball should cut out the singing like in that movie. They had guys break dancing on third base and ballet double plays


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