Devil Rays (66-96)


  • The big news in the Raysiverse is that Scott Kazmir may be available. Calm down people. Kid K is not going anywhere. First of all, the source used by the New York Post is “An executive familiar with Tampa’s thinking”. So nobody…NOBODY…from the Rays front office said that they were actively shopping Kazmir. Just somebody talking to a reporter for a New York tabloid and speculating what they might do. And quite frankly, if the price for Johan Santana does get ridiculous, then it is only fair for the Rays front office to at least see what could be had for the best young left-hander in the game. Remember last off-season, Rocco Baldelli and Carl Crawford were both made available and no team was willing to meet the price. The price for Kid K will be astronomical and if a team can meet that price, then the Rays will need to make a decision. But we would put the chances of that happening at only slightly above “no chance in hell”. [New York Post]
  • Gary Shelton has 20 reasons why A-Rod should join the Devil Rays. He forgot reason #21…The Trop will feel like Yankee Stadium…30,000 Yankees fans booing him. []
  • Jonny Gomes has had a big hand in helping kids fight cancer. []
  • The Devil Rays franchise has become the poster-child for what is wrong with revenue sharing in major league baseball. Critics point to the fact the Rays took in more revenue sharing (>$30 million) than they spent on the team’s payroll (~$25 million). The Rays front office has a plan. We are yet to see if the plan will work but spending money on mediocre free agents so that they can finish 3rd in the East rather than last is not part of the formula. When the core of the franchise is in place, with a solid minor league system in the works to fill the gaps, the team will then spend money on the one or two players needed to get the Rays over the top. Not before then. [New York Times]
  • The Stat Pack interviews Will Carrol and he tackles several issues including the Rays medical staff as well as their ability to keep Scott Kazmir healthy. [The Stat Pack]
  • The Rays have made a commitment to the medical staff from top to bottom in the organization, something that started in the Naimoli era and continues today. They have a plan that’s supported by everyone in the organization and great people working together to carry it out.
  • Rattler Radio is running a series of posts looking at major league franchises and either their last championship or the closest they have come to winning one. The post for the Devil Rays is up and it was probably an easy one to write. [Rattler Radio]
  • Former (?) Rays catcher Josh Paul has written a book about the mental side of being a catcher and he sat down with Baseball Prospectus to talk about it. The interview is behind the wall of a BP subscription. [Baseball Prospectus]


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