For those of you that hate the new “Sunburst”, you might want to make sure you bring sunglasses to the Trop in 2008. In the new uniforms and the new logos, it appeared that the Sunburst might just be an accent. It is starting to look like that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, it appears that the Sunburst is going to be the new “face” of the Rays, and will be displayed prominently…everywhere.

The first piece of evidence, comes from the first official word from the team, in the form of a website dedicated to the unveiling of the new uniforms and logo. The website, includes information about the new uniform ceremony, with the new Sunburst as the centerpiece.

Hate the new sunburst? You are going to love the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays.



  1. Elijah's Sixth Love Child says:

    well. they can't get any "real" sunlight in the Trop. so this must be the next best thing.

    i guess the next move is to have a big furry sunburst mascot named Sunny.

  2. Anonymous says:

    they already have one, except his name is Sonny and is the 5th pitcher in our rotation, although if your supposed "Sunny" can pound the strike zone as well....then im all for it

  3. Anonymous says:

    awesome! now The Rays are the old Denver Gold of the USFL


  4. Pugh says:

    Brilliant! The great news here is that FLA is ummm...actually known for sunbeams!

    What the h*** is a devil ray?!!!


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