Devil Rays (66-96)


  • The longest tenured member of the Devil Rays organization, Bill Evers, is being let go by the Rays. Joe Maddon, felt that he and Evers did not have a strong enough relationship. Evers leaves the Rays having compiled the best managerial record in the history of the franchise (2-0). He won both games in which he served as manager in 2006, while Maddon was away for personal reasons. []
  • Carlos Pena was named Comeback Player of the Year. A few weeks ago, we questioned whether or not Pena was deserving of the honor, because we weren’t sure if Pena had ever actually “been here” before. First of all, Pena has never been anywhere close to “here” before, but then again, few people have. And then we read the following line and we were sold: “One season after being released by three teams…” That is one hell of a Comeback. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • At least one blogger agrees with our original assessment that Carlos Pena was never here in the first place, so how can he be “Comeback” Player of the Year. [The Futon Report]
  • Carlos Pena finished in the top 5 in 7 offensive categories. On a side note: We heard this during a broadcast in the final week: Did you know that for all the talk about Pena “using the whole field” and not pulling the ball as much, and how that was a reason for his resurgence in 2007…Pena was actually in the bottom 5 in all baseball for number of opposite field basehits. Strange.[Bradenton Herald]
  • Joe Maddon discusses the 2008 lineup as he looks forward to next season. [Devil Rays]
  • There will be plenty of rumors about Carl Crawford this offseason, but unless the Giants are willing to move Tim Lincecum or Matt Cain, don’t look for CC to be playing for San Francisco in 2008. With Elijah Dukes’ personal issues and Rocco Baldelli’s glass legs, the Rays no longer have a deep major league outfield. [Yahoo! Sports]


  1. Anonymous says:

    by "personal reasons", you of course mean "having sex with his girlfriend in California to celebrate her graduation.

    that one still bothers me. it wasnt his kids, or his wife. if his girlfriend is that important to him...than put a god damned ring on her finger. otherwise stick around and do your job

  2. TK says:

    Not particularly looking forward to a whole offseason of unfounded Crawford trade rumors.

    I kind of wonder if it doesn't make more sense to consider dealing Delmon Young. You might actually get Matt Cain (or somebody like that) for DY given his age, upside and how long he'll be under team control. Yet I keep hearing more and more rumbles out there in the stathead commentariat that he may not be the Hall of Fame type talent that everyone hopes him to be. It's possible his value will never be higher than right now.


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