Devil Rays (66-96)
Since when do the Rays need another outfielder with a history of leg problems and since when do the Rays need fewer experienced arms in the bullpen? The Rays claimed Chris Snelling off of waivers from the A’s. Jay Witasick was released to make room on the roster. It appears as though Snelling was released because he is the only person in professional baseball with legs worse than Rocco Baldelli. In 8 professional seasons he has been on the DL seven times, including…

  • torn ACL (2002)
  • knee surgery (2003)
  • right knee tendinitus (2003)
  • torn meniscus in the left knee (2005)
  • surgery (2006)
  • yet another knee surgery (2007).

Next June, when both Snelling and Rocco are on the DL, maybe they can take a trip to Aruba together and sit in the hot tub and compare scars.

Marc Topkin provides good background on the Rays new Aussie. []


  • A friend of mine that is Phillies fan, called me up after he heard the Phillies had named Chuck LaMar their Director of Professional Scouting, and asked me if he should be worried. I started laughing. It is a curious move by the Phillies. For all of LaMar’s faults, he did seem to be a competent evaluator of amateur talent. For the most part, he had a strong draft history with the Rays. On the other hand, this was the GM that was considered the worst GM in baseball to work with when it came to making trades, and the Phillies have him in charge of professional scouting, and he will provide input on trades for GM Pat Gillick. Strange move. [MLB]
  • Dustin Pedroia was named Top Rookie by the players association and won the same award by the Sporting News as voted on by players and managers. []
  • Greg Norton has been a professional baseball player for 15 years. He wants to prove that he can repeat his 2006 performance when he hit .296 with 17 home runs in only 96 games. In those 15 seasons, he has only played in more than 120 games 5 times. It appears that 2007 was the norm and 2006 was the exception to the rule. [Devil Rays]


  1. Robert Rittner says:

    Jay Witasick was a free agent (or should I say will be once the market opens) so his spot on the roster was irrelevant. If the Rays want to, they can negotiate with him, but there was no sense in doing that before free agency opened, so replacing him with Snelling had nothing to do with releasing a veteran arm.

    It is a myth that the Rays are sated with outfielders. Aside from the 3 regulars, there are Gomes, who is very limited, and Baldelli who is always hurt. In the minors, there is no real top prospect until you get down to Jennings. Perez at AA has some possibilities while Ruggiano is probably a reserve at best and Pridie finally had a good year but is hardly prime material.

    Snelling is indeed constantly hurt, but he is also talented. Picking him off waivers is a good low-risk move that could pay big dividends but if not does no harm. All teams scrounge the waiver wire for exactly that kind of talent and every once in a while it pays off. There are plenty of clutters on the 40 man so that Snelling's presence does not jeopardize any real talent's place.

  2. Evan says:

    Gotta agree with Robert, very low risk move. Gomes is very expendable as he is worse than useless in the outfield, especially if they can get a DH this off-season (please get Barry Bonds!)

    Great blog! I have been without a team for 10 years, and have just converted to the Rays.

    Kazmir-Shields-Howell-Sonnanstine is arguably the best 1-4 in the majors going forward, and they've got guys like Jackson and Price coming up. It's very exciting.

  3. The Professor says:

    I actually agree with both of you...i like the move also...i was just trying to temper the excitement of a lot of people.

    he has the potential to be great, and i much prefer him as the 4/5th outfielder over Norton. but we need to be prepared for an annual trip to the DL


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