Mesa 7, Scottsdale 4.
Scottsdale remains the only winless team in the AFL at 0-8. Evan Longoria (1-5), John Jaso (0-2, 2 BB), Chris Nowak (0-3) and Reid Brignac (0-4, 3K) went a combined 1-14. Evan Meek and Nick DeBarr each pitched a perfect inning in the loss.


  • Back in May, Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus and made a list of “Baseball’s 50 Most Valuable Players” which is based on projected value over the next six seasons. At the time we took Mr. Silver to task for only giving Carl Crawford a nod as honorable mention. Another honorable mention from the Rays was Evan Longoria (BJ Upton [#50], Delmon Young [#42] and Scott Kazmir [#33] also made the list). Silver has now taken a look back at his list and made some adjustments and predictions for his 2008 list. He now feels that Evan Longoria will make the top 20 at #18. A ranking this high indicates that not only will Longoria be a great player, but he will become the face of the franchise in the near future. [Baseball Prospectus]
  • The “60 Greatest Moments in MLB in the last 60 years” and not a single Devil Rays moment? What about that time that Kevin Stocker…No. OK, What about that time Jared Sandberg came up with 2 outs in the 9th and…Noooo. OK. how about that time when the Rays were battling for…Yikes. Well, there was the game when Dewon Brazelton threw a….Shit! Nevermind. [The Book]
  • If the Rays sign a Type-A Free Agent (the bestest), they would not lose their first round pick (#1 overall). Sweet! Now that we know the #1 pick is protected, what kind of starting pitcher can the Rays get for $500? [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • DRays Bay interviews a Baseball Economist. Of the approximately 20 questions there are only 3-4 questions that actually cover the economics of baseball, so you have to skip around to find answers to questions that cover a player’s dollar value, the true value of Alex Rodriguez and whether or not Scott Boras could fix the national deficit. [DRays Bay]
  • Tom Verducci discusses the importance of a team’s bullpen (a point permanantly engraved in the minds of Rays fans) and how constructing a strong one is both difficult and partly the product of luck. [SI]
  • We are not surprised the a bio of Dewon Brazelton doesn’t make a lick of sense. [Baseball]
  • Rays Digest takes a look at the 2008 infield, or more accurately, they take a look at Evan Longoria. Words on Longoria: 855. Words on the rest of the infield: 132. [Rays Digest]


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