Scottsdale 10, Peo Saguaros 1.
Evan Longoria
did not hit a home run. He did not get 3 hits or 4 RBI. He did not pass go and collect $200. He did go 1-3 with a walk and a run scored. He is hitting .318. Reid Brignac 0-4 with a run scored and is now 5-37 (.135) in 9 games.


  • Justin Ruggiano has been added to the Team USA World Cup baseball team that will compete in Chinese Taipei. [Austin American-Statesman]
  • We pretty much can’t stand Scott Boras, as much as anybody. But we have the utmost respect for him. I’m Writing Sports refers to Boras as the most hated man in sports. He is a salesman and when it comes to agents that sell their clients, nobody does it better. Yes he says ridiculous things. He is a salesman. Yes he always sets the bar way too high. He is a salesman. He knows that no owner is going to give Alex Rodriguez $450 million. But…if he demands $450 million, then he has a better chance of getting $300-350 million, which is exactly what Boras wants for A-Rod…And he will get it. That is why he is the best. He may not necessarily put his client in the best situations (A-Rod in Texas, Jeff Weaver in Seattle, etc.), but he will always get them the top dollar. The only effect on baseball that Boras has had on baseball that really irks us is the Amateur Baseball Draft. The best player should be drafted #1. End of story. Too often the top players fall to the big market teams because of contract demands by Scott Boras. In the end, the rich get richer. [I’m Writing Sports]
  • The Devil Rays only have one player (Carlos Pena) currently represented by Scott Boras. Rocco Baldelli was formerly a Boras client and then dropped him to negotiate his own contract extension. At the time, it was generally considered a bad move by Baldelli and for a while many considered Rocco’s contract to be below market. But Boras is an agent that rarely negotiates extensions before a previous contract expires. He believes in the open market, and that competition drives up prices. In this case, if Boras had held back and waited for Rocco to become a free agent, he might have cost his client money, or at least he would have been forced to sign an incentive-laden contract on the free agent market.

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  1. Nick says:

    Wow that list is horrible. Where is Dan Haren? CC? JOHAN SANTANA?!?!? I can think of ten pitchers that are better than Chad Billingsly. Tim Lincecum.
    Position players: WHERE IS ALBERT PUJOLS! Yes I'm screaming becasue I used to think this man was brilliant until, well, right now. I'm done, I'm leaving this alone. Obviously James has grown senile in his old age. You had a good run Bill.


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