Devil Rays


  • The Ledger takes a look at the upcoming arbitration cases of Scott Kazmir and Carlos Pena. Another thing to always consider when teams deal with arbitration and their top players. A big incentive to avoid arbitration is that teams do not like having to go into an arbitration hearing and trash their top players in an effort to show why the player does not deserve more than they are offering. It can lead to hurt feelings and increase the chances of the player leaving the team once they hit their free agency years. While the Rays will try to work out long-term deals with both, if that does not happen, it does not necessarily mean they will automatically go to arbitration. Once each side submits a salary to the arbitrator, they will often find a middle number and agree on a one-year contract avoiding the arbitration hearing. This was the route taken by the Marlins and Dontrelle Willis last season when they agreed on a 1-year deal for $6.5 million. Look for Kid K’s number to come in just south of that one. Let’s say $5-5.5 million. [The Ledger]
  • Evan Longoria was named to the USA National Baseball Team that will compete in IBF World Cup in November. []
  • Andy Sonnanstine. Yuo have never looked so good. Not sure. We think the first attempt is a more accurate mugshot. Either way, willing to bet Jim Hickey’s mugshot looked half as good as either of these. [Baseball Mugshots]
  • A look at David Price’s already impressive career. [Prospect Spotlight]
  • Tampa Bay Sports Fanatic believes the Rays should pursue Pudge Rodriguez if the Tigers decide not to exercise his option. First of all, his salary demands would not fit into the Rays projected payroll for 2008. Second of all, Dioner Navarro firmly established himself as a major league catcher in the second half of this season. His defense is already strong and getting better, and he already knows the young pitching staff very well. And finally, we are talking about Pudge Rodriguez. Hall-of-Famer? Sure. Over-the-hill? Probably. Not to mention his defense has always been slightly over-rated, and has a long reputation of not being much of a team player. This is a guy that would call fastballs when the situation demanded something different, just so he would have a better chance of throwing out a base stealer. [Tampa Bay Sports Fanatic]


  1. Scott says:

    I was waiting for someone to say he wanted to bring in Pudge, but I didn't see the TBSF post on it. It's just silly to think that move makes ANY sense at all.

  2. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    everybody seems to think that Pudge was the only reason (or even the main reason) that the Tigers turned it around. He might have helped, but that team turned around with good young pitching mixed in with a VETERAN presence. Ok, so maybe that veteran skirted the rules a little. But that team in 2006 was ALL pitching. starters AND bullpen. And those pitchers would have been good with or without Pudge.


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