Surprise 10, Scottsdale 1.
Reid Brignac
went 1-5 and is now 3-22 (.136) in 5 games. Evan Longoria was 1-4, and is now 6-25 (.240) in 7 games. He also committed 2 errors in the field.


  • Major League players and managers voted Carlos Pena to be the first baseman on the Sporting News post-season AL all-star squad. [Devil Rays]
  • At 6’6″, it does not surprise us that David Price was a basketball star in high school. But did you know that he was also a gold standout? Price’s high school alma mata is retiring his jersey during a ceremony at halftime during the school’s football game. [The Murfreesboro Post]
  • A Marketing Professor from Washington University has proposed a new form of revenue sharing for Major League Baseball, arguing that there is little incentive for small-market teams to win under the current format. The proposal would give revenue to teams based on attendance. He argues that teams from small-markets prefer to have empty stadiums under the current plan. Having done a little research in my day, I can tell you that often times, researchers forget that the real-world very rarely mimics the conditions in a lab or on a computer. One factor this professor is ignoring is the psychological impact of the the empty stadium. It is embarrassing for an owner. It is a sign of being a “failure”, and nobody wants to be deemed a failure, even if the team is making more money. Then there is the monetary point-of-view. We are no economists, but it seems like the professor is minimizing the financial impact of winning. We understand that a win in St. Pete is not worth as much money as a win in New York City. But the a lot of win is worth more than the sum of the individual wins, especially when “lots o’ wins” come consistently over several seasons. Advertising revenues go up, TV revenues go up, concession sales go up, and merchandising sales go up. And the later is not just a regional increase. There is most likely to be a bigger impact outside the team’s region when a team is a consistent winner. And of course, there is playoff revenue which can be a huge windfall for a team. And we are willing to bet that all these increases in revenue are not linear, but rather some type of exponential increase. [Newswise]
  • Prince of New York believes that the Rays should replace the “clueless” Andrew Friedman with Walt Jocketty or Bill Stoneman, who may be set to resign from the Angels. [Prince of New York]


  1. Clayton says:

    I'll stand by Friedman. Just in the past year, he signed Pena for nothing, Aki for very little and Brendan Harris for nothing. He has stockpiled pitching that appeared to start paying dividends at the end of this year, and he threw out some dead wood. Didn't some other internet expert (internexpert?) just give him an A+ the other day? I know nothing of the suggested replacements, but I think Friedman has done exceedingly well, especially considering the monetary restraints he faces.

  2. Scott says:

    I'm with Clayton. What has Friedman done to be "clueless"? It sounds like a person who just looked at the record and assumed the GM must be clueless because of how lousy the team was.

  3. The Professor says:

    That is why i buried at the bottom of the Hangover. While i rarely do, i understand why people take shots at Sternberg or Madden. And while i have yet to see many "great" moves by Friedman, i think he has done a pretty darn good job with the resources that he was given.

  4. Mark says:

    The jury is still out on Friedman. While Pena comes in as a plus, it looks like we paid about value for Aki and Harris was a mere stop gap. It's hard to overlook his handling of the managerial situation and the bench staff as well.

    Either way, Bill Stoneman might be one of the top 3 GMs in all of sports. Regardless of Friedman's track record, if Stoneman is available you have to take him.

  5. The Professor says:

    I'm not saying you wouldnt want Stoneman. His track record speaks for itself (side note: read a blog today that wasnt worth linking to that stated that Stoneman was overrrated that LIKE THE DEVIL RAYS he always stocked his minor league system with what "appeared to be" top level talent)

    But, Friedman is not going anywhere. Jury is still out. He has a personal relationship with Sternberg and Friedman. Besides, I dont think Stoneman wants to be a GM anymore or else he would have stayed in Anaheim. My guess is he is looking to be a Team President.

    If you bring Stoneman in, it ould have to be in a different capacity than GM.


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