If you were looking for an expert to evaluate the managers in baseball, who is the first source you would turn to? Maxim magazine of course! Maxim has released their list of “The Crappiest Baseball Managers” and the Rays own Joe Maddon comes in at #6.

Everybody loves ol’ Joe, and nobody questions that he walked into a situation only slightly less calamitously awful than the Middle East. But jeez, the D-Rays seem actually to have become more anarchic under his watch. B.J. Upton may finally be realizing his potential, but he and his fellow 2009[sic] supadupastars fail to hit the cutoff man, run out ground balls, or tuck in their shirts. There’s less organizational order here than in most communes, and the only place to point the finger for that is at the manager.

Of course we prefer to think of Papa Joe as the 25th best manager in baseball and considering the Rays were only the 30th best team in baseball for the second straight year, Maddon is clearly managing above his team. No wonder the Rays picked up the 2-year option on his contract.

The Crappiest Baseball Managers [Maxim]



  1. Anonymous says:

    so the Rays are only slightly better than the middle east and worse than a hippie commune?

    why do i root for this team again?

  2. Robert Rittner says:

    Is there anything in this article that suggests thought as opposed to selecting easy targets for clever mockery?

  3. Indy Rays Fan says:

    Two years later, Oh SNAP!!!

  4. Alex says:

    Two years later and nothings changed. Maddon's still an idiot with another idiot at his side (Hickey).


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