Devil Rays (off-day)

Just a typical quiet mid-September, 25 games out, off-day for the Devil Rays.

There was speculation as to whether or not the local newspapers would report on the uniform leaks, but by mid-afternoon, the proverbial Cat was out of the Bag, with the logos and uniforms found in many corners of the internets. Somebody had even updated the Rays’ Wikipedia page. At that point the local newspapers had no choice but to report the new uniforms, with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays confirming the leaked sketches as authentic and releasing a statement.

“We are planning an exciting celebration this fall, at which time we will launch the new marks. We will celebrate this occasion with our fans, players and supporters. We are excited to share this event with the Tampa Bay community. It will provide the first opportunity to get a complete sense of our new look and its meaning to our organization.”

Marc Topkin incorrectly refers to the spring training and batting practice uniforms as “alternate home” and “alternate road” uniforms. Yes, that is how they were labeled when the sketches were first leaked. But, all one needs to do is look at the caps in those sketches. The caps have white piping running along the sides which is the MLB trademark for spring training and batting practice caps. At least one team (Seattle) has worn those jerseys during a regular season game this year, but as far as we know, no team has worn those caps.

The Devil Rays own website, to no surprise, has not yet mentioned the new uniforms, even though the website is plastered in the new colors. At several points during the day, moderators pulled posts from the website’s message boards that included links to this website or other websites, or even just the names of websites that included the images of the new logos and uniforms. At this point everybody knows that the emperor is not wearing any clothes, including the emperor, but they still refuse to admit it.

Marc Lancaster decided to give us a lesson in how the internet spreads information. We picture Lancaster typing that with his coffee mug sitting on the CD-tray of his computer.

As for the unis and logos. Most of the reaction has been negative, but that is always the knee-jerk reaction to change. Personally, there is more that we like about the unis than what we dislike

  • We are not happy about the name change. Rays or D-Rays is nice nickname for the team, but we liked DEVIL RAYS.
  • Most people compare the uniforms to the Royals and/or the Mariners. The color scheme seems to most resemble the Royals, with the starburst reminding many of the Mariners logo. The “T” in the cap seems to be the exact same font as the “T” on the Texas Rangers cap.
  • We don’t mind the splash of yellow. We even kinda like it. But they could have left it off the swimming Ray logo on the sleeves. Changing it to blue was fine, but yellow “shadows” were unnecessary.
  • Many people are unhappy that the road unis do not have “Tampa Bay” on them. Some have speculated that this signals an impending move. Others see it as a silly attempt to expand the fanbase. If the later is true, it is idiotic. Having “Tampa Bay” on the front of the road jerseys will have ZERO impact on whether somebody roots for the Rays or not. There are tens of thousands of Yankees and Red Sox fans that have never set foot in either New York or Boston.
  • We understand that a lot of people don’t like the new unis. Many even strongly hate the new scheme, but we think that people need to reserve final judgement until we see the real things on real players. Right now all we have are sketches. There is a very good chance that many people will change their opinion in November, in either a positive, or negative, manner.

Web site reveals Rays’ new uniforms [Bradenton Herald]
Rays’ new logos, unis leaked [Tampa Tribune]
See ya, Devil; Welcome, sunburst [St. Pete Times]


  • Many think that the “R” in the new logo is blatantly stolen from Ruby Tuesday, the restaurant chain. There is a clear similarity, but we are talking about a LETTER. There are only so many ways to represent the letter in a stylized manner. There is bound to be similarities. [Wikipedia]
  • Several have compared the new logo to that of Sam’s Club warehouses. [Mop-Up Duty]
  • Maybe the front office is still hoping that Blu-Ray technology will take off. [Wikipedia]
  • Keg Krewe thinks that the logo is along the same lines of “Bucco Bruce”. That is to say, less than “manly”. We always liked Bucco Bruce. So what are you sayin? [Keg Krewe]
  • is running a poll to see which incarnation of the Rays’ uniforms you like best. []
  • Sports Wrap also incorrectly refers to the spring training/batting practice unis as “alternate”. [Sports Wrap]
  • My Fox Tampa Bay reported about the new uniforms on their website. They included only one set of the uniform sketches and for some reason they chose to run the sketches of the spring training uniforms and did not show the readers the regular season uniforms. [My Fox Tampa Bay]
  • Bugs & Cranks calls the new uniforms an “atrocity”. Of course they are not happy about the change in name so it is not surprising that they would disapprove of the new uniforms. [Bugs & Cranks]
  • Best Bucs Blog has jumped on the “Stirrups in ’08” bandwagon. C’mon people. Let’s stuff the Rays email inbox! [Best Bucs Blog]
  • Rays Index has been linked in a lot of places in the internets, but by far our proudest moment was yesterday when Q105 linked to our website. Q105 was as much a part of my childhood as anything. I know that the station is not what it used to be, but the Q-morning zoo had a huge impact on my formative years and when I saw that link, I decided I would name my first daughter after Scott Shannon* and dedicate “Eat My Shorts” to Toby Hall. [Q105]

*Mrs. Professor will hit me in the face with a remote control when she reads this.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to update the Rays Index logo to go along with the new team logo?

  2. The Professor says:

    well we already changed the color to blue in anticipation of the changes, but we have always maintained that we were not fans of the current lettering used on the Jerseys and in the logos.

    when we switched the colors we thought long and hard about changing the logo altogether. we even developed a few prototypes, with one in particular coming very close to being used that looked nothing like anything the Rays use.

    the problem is that the current RI logo tests well with females 18-26, and we are not about to alienate that demographic.

    that is a long-winded way of saying. "Maybe"

  3. Cathy Hammel says:

    As for stirrups, most players feel uncomfortable with their pants up to the knee, thereby making stirrups moot.


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