Angels 10, Devil Rays 7.
Just the links today as we try to recover from a weekend in the Live Music Capital of the World.


  • The Devil Rays are 63-88 with 11 games remaining and are 2 games behind Baltimore in the AL East and Kansas City for the worst record in baseball (1 game behind in win column).
    • An 8-3 finish will give the Rays 71 wins (a franchise record)
    • A 10-1 finish and the Rays will avoid 90 losses for the first time.
  • Scott Boras is up to his old tricks and this time it might cost the Devil Rays if they wish to sign Carlos Pena to a long-term deal. Boras believes that the Rays need to step-up because of the bargain they received this year, believing that the Rays got “a player who had probably a $15-million season for about $1.2-million” and “the greatest player to ever put on a Devil Ray uniform” (which sounds great on the surface, but really isn’t saying much). Boras has the amazing ability of making each of his clients out to be the greatest player ever. Pena has been great, but it is not like he is hitting 40 home runs from short stop. He is a first baseman. The drop-off from Pena to the #20 first baseman (stats-wise) is not that great. []
  • BJ Upton stole home last night, to become just the third Devil Rays player to successfully complete a straight-steal of home. []
  • Joe Maddon was ejected in the seventh inning after Jonny Gomes was called out on a check-swing. It was Papa Joe’s sixth career ejection. [Devil Rays]
  • Jorge Velandia has is making the most out of his rare major league opportunity. He reached base 8 times in 12 plate appearances, covering 3 starts and he has played the best defensive shortstop we have seen in a long time, from a player wearing green and grey. [TBO]
  • Durham Bulls pitching coach Xavier Hernandez has joined the Devil Rays coaching staff for the final two weeks of the season. [TBO]
  • Scott Kazmir was named the AL player of the week. He shares the award with Fausto Carmona of the Cleveland Indians. This is the second time that Kid K has been honored with the award. [Devil Rays]
  • Carl Crawford will be out of the lineup until at least Friday, and it is still unclear if he will return this season. This would be a good opportunity for CC and Rocco Baldelli to get to know each other again. []
  • Akinori Iwamura talks about life as a major leaguer with a newborn son. Translation: The wife wakes up the middle of the night. [Celebrity Baby Blog]
  • JP Howell was recalled from Durham, but will not be inserted into the rotation as a 6th starter. He will work out of the bullpen, but hopes to get another shot as a major league starter down the line. [Devil Rays]
  • Poor Vinny Testaverde. He comes in at #13 on the list of “100 Players You Love To Hate.” Did you know that Vinny is not only still alive, but he was still playing in the NFL, as a backup with the New England Patriots last season? That is the definition of parity in the NFL. The Pats were one knee injury or concussion away from being 7-9 instead of 12-4. [ESPN]


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