Once again the Devil Rays are in the running for the first overall pick and have a very good chance at becoming the first team to ever have the top pick in the amateur draft two years in a row (until recently, the top pick alternated between leagues). Last season we tracked the race for the top pick and with the Devil Rays in the running again this season, we feel compelled now to make this an annual feature.

Last year at this time, the top pick was not a sure thing, but David Price appeared to be the clear favorite. Without an obvious top choice for the 2008 draft, we decided to name this feature after the inaugural namesake. While we plan on running this feature each year in September, we do hope that one of these seasons the Tampa Bay Rays are not among the contenders.

The 2nd Annual David Price Sweepstakes and the race for the top pick in the 2008 draft…

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 65 95 2-8 L3
Pittsburgh Pirates 68 92 3.0 2-8 L2 E
Kansas City 68 92 3.0 3-7 L3 E
Baltimore Orioles 69 91 4.0 5-5 W3 E

Despite losses by Pittsburgh and Kansas City, The Devil Rays secured the worst record in baseball and clinched the top spot in the 2008 first year player entry draft by losing to the Blue Jays 5-4. Thus, the Rays have become the first team to ever have the top pick in the draft two consecutive years.

Champaign is for celebrating. I’ll have a Martini.



  1. Jordi says:

    At least the Rays get a draft pick out of being terrible these last few weeks. The Mets get .... nothing.

    But here is hoping the Rays draft the best catcher available. The organization could use a few of those.

  2. Robert Rittner says:

    Teams rarely draft for need in baseball; they draft the best player available. There are many reasons, one being there is usually little way to know if a player, particularly shortstops and catchers, can remain at that position in the majors. And second, as it takes two or three years at least for most prospects to make the majors, and that is generous, you cannot know what you will need then. You take the best available player.


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