Red Sox 2, Devil Rays 1.
Let that be a lesson to you kids out there. Don’t anger the baseball gods.

Let’s all bow down and honor the best team of 2008. Let’s pay homage the greatest team in the history of baseball. Let’s sacrifice a decapitated cat to Ted Williams and pledge our allegiance to the Red Sox nation. For they are all-powerful.

Yes. The Red Sox have proven their greatness. They have proven that they cannot be stopped. They are a juggernaut. They might as well cancel the playoffs and the World Series, because when it is all said and done, the Red Sox will walk through October to the tune of Three-Fo-Fo. And when they are done licking their chops and scattering the bones, 612,000 drunk fans named “Sully” will scream the greatness that is two championships in the past 89 years.

Yes folks, the Red Sox have scored FIVE runs in two games against a team that has the worst record in baseball and a pitching staff that has an ERA of 5.78. Apparently that is the formula for “righting the ship”.

Does any of this make us feel better. No. No it doesn’t. Sometimes The Hangover truly is a hangover. And this morning? We can’t eat. Doonesbury is not even remotely funny. We yelled at our dog and our loved ones are wondering why we get so upset about a team that is on pace to lose 105 games.

I just shake my head and say “You wouldn’t understand,” when the reality is, I don’t understand.


  • Something happened last night in Boston and Marc Topkin tries to get to the bottom of it. We know there are limits to what a newspaper’s “Blog” can do. They have to work within the confines of a professional organization, while sites like ours rarely have to answer to anybody. But if the papers are going to try and jump on the information superhighway bandwagon (late as usual) then this post by Topkin is exactly what they should try to provide on a daily basis. A bunch of quick thoughts, facts and rumblings on the game and the team mixed in with the access that the rest of us don’t care to have. []
  • Want to know why Scott Kazmir has always pitched well against the Red Sox? After last night’s game Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are a combined 10-72 (.139) against Kid K.
  • The Yankees get their butts whooped by the Orioles 12-0, and apparently it is Al Reyes fault that they lost a game in the standings. [River Ave. Blues]
  • Amazing how teams always seem to get healthy when they play the Rays. [Sully Baseball]
  • Scott Kazmir now has the 10th most strikeouts all-time for a pitcher before the age of 24. []
  • Still no news to report on David Price. [TBO]
  • Tonight’s starter Andy Sonnanstine is struggling for the first time in his professional career and has yet to show that he will be able to overcome it. Tonight’s crowd at Fenway is not going to make things any easier. [Devil Rays]

“He’s been successful everywhere he’s been,” Maddon said. “I think maybe this is the first time he’s really been challenged this way. And to have your first real challenge happen at the Major League level makes it a little more difficult to straighten yourself out. But he’s been successful everywhere he’s been, and I think he’s got very good makeup. And because of that, I think he’ll be able to work through it.”

  • Carl Crawford has an amazing ability to stay focused and continue to pile up enormous numbers despite the dire surroundings that he is usually faced with. []

This isn’t to feel sorry for Crawford. This is to admire him. Who in sports plays a better game with a worse hand?

  • I don’t know what is more disturbing…that there is a blog called Pink Hat Nation or that the blog Pink Hat Nationis commenting on Raymond the Seadog. [Pink Hat Nation]


  1. Jason Lyman-Hazleton, PA says:

    Hey Prf, I just want you to kknow that I was so moved by this mornings hangover (ode to the red sox) that I printed it out and hung it in my cubicle at work. Because that is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL- I alienate my finacee and dog on a weekly basis for this lousy ass team.
    And if Price doesn't sign today I will probably get drunk tonight for no good reason...

  2. mlmintampa says:

    I have a Price question...if he is expected to get $8 mil, is it possible that the Rays could not sign him to get two first rounders next year? Maybe 8 is too much and the Rays are no longer convinced he's worth the cash? Either way, they have to sign Price, even if they have to sell the outfield fish tanks.
    (Oh, and don't hate me for being a Yanks fan who is also pissed at Reyes. If I was a cricket fan, I'd still be pissed that they wasted two great outings from Kaz and Shields.)

  3. The Professor says:

    the problem is both sides have an Ace.

    the Rays can get the 2nd overall pick next year if he does not sign and Price can always go back to Vandy for a year.

    it is the ultimate game of chicken.

    right now my gut tells me he doesnt sign, but that could just be me still upset about last night and how i should always expect the worse.

    still, i cant imagine this ownership group letting this kid get away. it would be a nightmare on top of a nightmare


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