Indians 2, Devil Rays 1.


  • Stuart Sternberg spoke to reporters before the game last night, and he came down hard on the entire organization. He vowed to spend more money and improve the club. [USA Today]

“I know we’re going to be spending more money,” Sternberg said. “There’s a large pool of money. We don’t say we’re going to spend ‘X’ on major league payroll and ‘Y’ on signing bonuses. I’m comfortable that we’ve got the resources and we’re spending and using it in a very wise fashion.”

  • Rocco Baldelli will begin a rehab assignment on Monday with Vero Beach. [TBO]
  • Phil Rogers of The Chicago Tribune reports that ” The current feeling is that Joe Maddon will get a contract extension as the manager in Tampa Bay.” This is surprising given that the team still has a 2-year option on the current contract. The more likely move is for the team to pick up the option and either work out an extension or fire him following the 2008 season. The team will not enter the 2009 season with a lame-duck manager. [Chicago Tribune]
  • You mean the Trop isn’t going to host an all-star game? weird. [Herald-Tribune]
  • Want to take a guess at what the current odds are for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays winning the world series? 5000 to 1. Huh? So they are saying that if they played out the rest of this season 5000 times, the Devil Rays would overcome a 21 game deficit in the wild card and win the world series one of those times…They could play out the regular season another 10 million times and there is no way the Rays would ever make up a 21 game deficit and leapfrog 10 teams to make the playoffs. There are only 43 games left. Even if they went 43-0 it would be nearly impossible. [The Baseball Analysts]

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  1. Jordi says:

    Might not be a bad idea for Rocco to get healthy so the Rays can ship him out this offseason. If the Braves lose Andruw Jones, they might be in the market for a CF. Same with Minnesota if they lose Torii Hunter.


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