We* recently presented to you “The All-Time Tampa Bay Devil Rays: 10 Years Of Sucktitude“.

For those of you that have been around these parts for a while, know that we will take the occasional (well-deserved) jab at the franchise, the team and/or certain players but for the most part we have always been apologists for our beloved Rays, even if it is often to a fault.

The post was written during a very trying month of very awful baseball and this was one way to vent our frustrations on the gods of baseball. Well, the fine folks over at Bugs & Cranks have taken exception to the list, even going so far as to refer to this site as “tRaytor Index”. So, they have come up with their own list “The All-Time Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Guts, Glory & Greatness”.

Before we get to the list…
Guts? Most often during these 10 seasons, the Guts have been from the Devil Rays sprayed all over the Tropicana Field turf after another beating.
? Glory in sports is winning. The Rays have never won a thing.
? There have been some great players that have played for the Rays, but they were all past their primes (Wade Boggs) or the side effects of steroids were starting to set in (Jose Canseco and his trips to the DL). Anybody remember the Roberto Alomar era?

Now to the list. And please believe that we love many of these players, but this shows you exactly why we decided not to do this list and instead decided to produce a list of the worst Devil Rays.

Wade Boggs 3B (1999). Hitting a home run for your 3,000th hit, does not make for a great season. Sure Boggs hit .301, but he only had 2 home runs and 29 RBI, and of his 3,010 career hits, only 88 came in 1999. Yes, the Rays retired Boggs’ number, but let’s just say Boggs’ plaque in Cooperstown does not have a “TB” on it.

Jose Canseco DH (1999). S.T.E.R.O.I.D.S. In addition to 34 home runs and 95 RBI, Canseco also led the AL in back acne.

Victor Zambrano SP (2003) Whenever a player is the “bad” half of a trade in which people talk about the worst trades in the history of baseball, said player is NOT “great”. Also, Zambrano was the first ever pitcher to win the pitcher’s triple crown of futility. In 2003 he led the league in walks, wild pitches and hit batters, yet Bugs & Cranks thinks that we should remember that season “fondly”.

Mark Hendrickson SP (2005) Lerch had a 5.90 ERA that year. And that is a “great” season?

Albie Lopez (1998), Jim Mecir (1998), Travis Harper (2004), Esteban Yan (1998), Travis Phelps (2001), and Jesus Colome (2004) Relief pitchers. Are any of these guys even in the majors any longer and did any of them ever do anything of value with another team? Let’s just say, when we try to think of Devil Rays to “be proud of”, “Jim Mecir” is not the first name we think of.

We applaud David Chalk and Bugs & Cranks for attempting to do something we did not have the heart or the stomach to complete. We also thank them for demonstrating completely, why we thought the venture was futile and hopeless.

*Rays Index has been lucky enough to have several additional authors contribute to this website as well as the assistance of several others behind the scenes that prefer to remain anonymous.

The All-Time Tampa Bay Devil Rays: 10 Years Of Guts, Glory & Greatness [Bugs & Cranks]
The All-Time Tampa Bay Devil Rays: 10 Years Of Sucktitude [
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    Jesus Colome has had a very good year with the Nationals as a setup man and short reliever before he was injured.


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