Orioles 6, Devil Rays 1.
Just the links today, with limited posts for the rest of the week as we trek back to the Sunshine State for some much-needed R&R and a 3-game set with the Red Sox and the Pink Hat Nation.


  • Joe Maddon was openly critical of Carl Crawford for letting a routine pop-up fall in front of him that led to 3 runs being scored in the first inning. [TBO]

Both players have to go after it hard and if the outfielder can get there, the outfielder calls off the infielder.” Maddon added: “That’s pop-up coverage 101. We have to make that play 100 out of 100 times; that wasn’t a difficult play. We have to make that play.”

  • Devil Rays hitting coach Steve Henderson was ejected in the 3rd inning for arguing a called strike. [MLB News Blog]
  • Edwin Jackson may have finally turned the corner. The question remains whether or not Jackson can show consistency and start to pitch deeper into games. [Devil Rays]

“I think he’s starting to show signs of consistency,” Maddon said. “The biggest thing to me has been his demeanor. I really do think that’s primary, to go out there with the right kind of mound presence, because his stuff is that good. If he goes out there and is under control with his emotions, he’s going to pitch well again tomorrow. But I am curious to see how he looks. If we can start getting him into the seventh, if he could touch the eighth or ninth inning, that would really be exciting.”

  • Not so fast on the Ty Wigginton for Scott Proctor rumors. More than likely that was leaked by the Devil Rays front office to set the bar for other teams that may be interested, including the Minnesota Twins. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • At least four teams have interest in Ty Wigginton. [tampabay.com]


  1. 3RunHomer says:

    Ha ha. Read this funny blog post from the Baltimore Sun about the Rays. Witty.

  2. 3RunHomer says:

    Dan Wheeler is a nice swap for Wigginton, but wouldn't the Rays have been better served by getting a couple younger guys instead? Wheeler's a free agent after next season.

    I guess the Rays are going to make a run for the pennant in '08.


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