Orioles 3, Devil Rays 0.
It was nice of the Devil Rays to get back to losing in a fashion with which we are more familiar. You know the kind where Scott Kazmir pitches lights out for 5 innings and then wears down in an effort to pitch just well enough to lose. That is of course followed by a reliever throwing gas on the fire. In this case it was Juan Salas pleading innocent of steroids but guilty of being unable to throw strikes with the bases loaded.

All the while the “almighty” Rays offense thought it was “Turn Back The Clock” night as they were shutout by a pitiful Orioles pitching staff despite having runners on base in 7 innings. Entering last night’s contest, the Rays had the 4th highest team batting average since the all-star break (.315) yet, in a game during which the pitchers gave them a chance to win, the offense managed to ground into more double plays (4) than they had hits (2).

When is the Bucs first pre-season game? Maybe we should just start Bucs Index now.


  • Carl Crawford was back in the lineup last night after missing two games with a minor ankle injury. [tampabay.com]
  • Juan Salas made his first appearance for the Rays since being suspended by the league for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. He could instantly step into the role of 7th inning pitcher. Considering he is one relief pitcher with an ERA below 4, maybe he should be the 8th inning guy and closer-in-waiting if/when Al Reyes is traded. [TBO]
  • Juan Salas spoke about why he was suspended for the first time. Of course, rather than take responsibility, he took the same low road most players take. He claims he has no idea how he tested positive. We believe him. We think it must have been the invisible steroid fairy that haunts idiot baseball players in their sleep. The fairy looks like Jose Canseco with wings and instead of a wand, it carries a needle to stick in their ass. [tampabay.com]

“It was an accident,’’ Salas said. “I was not aware. I didn’t do it knowing what was going on. It must have been something in a drink. I don’t know.’’

  • Jay Witasick believes he will be throwing in a couple of days and will be off the DL when he is eligible. [Devil Rays]
  • Casey Fossum should be back with the club on Thursday. That sound you heard was a sigh-of-relief from Devil Rays Red Sox fans. [USA Today]
  • Before last night’s game, the Baltimore Orioles honored Cal Ripken, Jr. on his induction to the Hall of Fame. We tip our caps and hope that someday we can have a player half as good and half as classy play 21 years for the Devil Rays. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Instead we get to “root” for players like Elijah Dukes. It is like Dukes is trying to get released by the Devil Rays. Why would anyone want to be released by the Devil Rays? [TBO]

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  1. 3RunHomer says:

    The Orioles' pitching staff is far from "pitiful". Cabrera has proven many times that he has the stuff to shut down any line-up. He also blows up regularly. Go figure.

    Bedard is extremely good and Guthrie isn't far behind. Their relievers don't suck as bad as the Rays'.

    Rays pitching is super-pitiful.


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