Devil Rays (off day)

Quick side note: You know what is great about yesterday’s off-day? At least one more day of people talking about how the Yankees are in last place tied with the Devil Rays. It is like informing a guy that his wife cheated on him with 5 guys at once. Really, it should be enough that she cheated…

Like many people, ESPN annoys the hell out of us on most days. Too much screaming, too much material that has nothing to do with sports (Who are the Sklar Brothers and why are they EVER on Sportscenter?) and way too much bias in their coverage. Seriously, ESPN didn’t even know NASCAR existed until they started broadcasting the races. Now it is wall-to-wall left-turns. Well, we are going to put aside our distaste and ask you guys to go visit their website today because they actually noticed there are baseball players that play for teams other than the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Today, has a poll asking readers who they believe were the top players for the month of May. It seems as if somebody actually does pay attention to Devil Rays players for their on-field accomplishments. James Shields is one of ten choices for pitcher-of-the-month. That’s nice. What is really impressive is that Shields is one of six choices for MVP for the month of May. So get your butts over there and start stuffing the virtual ballot box for James the Greater.

Carlos Pena is also mentioned as one of the candidates for “Biggest Surprise”. Anytime a guy has to be a spring training non-roster invitee for one of the worst teams in baseball and is among the league leaders in home runs…that qualifies as a “surprise”. (with thanks to Jim).


  • The Rays have trailed at some point in 19 of their 22 wins this season, which leads the majors. For some reason the team doesn’t wake up until the second half of the game. We are just spit-ballin’ here, but maybe Joe Maddon should have the team play 3-4 simulated innings before each game.
  • It is no surprise that the Rays have looked into what the market would be for Elijah Dukes. It is also no surprise that no team is willing to part with any significant pieces and it is also no surprise that Jayson Stark reports that at least 20 teams would line up to sign Dukes if he is released.
  • Bobby Abreu makes $15 million and can’t hit his way out of a paper bag these days. His problem? Apparently it is all Scott Kazmir’s fault. This is just like a Yankees fan. Always trying to one-up the Mets fans. It won’t work this time. Your Kid K-envy will never be as great as Mets fan’s.
  • Seriously Mets fans just can’t let it go and it makes us giggle to no end. It has been three years since the trade and now Mets fans actually want you to believe their team is better because they traded Kazmir. (Excuse us for a second….) Ok, we are back. Very difficult to type while laughing…Just so we are all on the same page…because the Mets have Oliver Perez and he is pretty good, that justifies trading Scott Kazmir for a guy that won 10 games in 2+ years? Why do we get the feeling that Mets fans will continue to give us joy for years to come?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Odd, I aint crying.

    When we let Kaz go for your turd, it hurt at first. After reading the scouting reports about how Kaz would have eventualy ended up like Doc Gooden had he stayed in NY, it hurt a little less. After watching Perez and the rest of our Pitchers this year, well.. it does not hurt any more.

    You too sir would probably be crying as well about something or another if you were not so numb to the fact that your team is nothing more than a minor league chump machine that gets up a few times a year and beats the Yanks a few times.

    Hello?? You guys HAD the best manager in baseball and you let him go because your owners would not give him any tools.

    And when I say tools, I do not mean the citizens of Tampa Bay, he already had enough of them.

  2. The Professor says:

    thank you proving my point. the fact that you get so worked up about the topic is amazing.

    how was Kaz going to end up as Doc Gooden? Playing for the mets would have made him a coke-head? Scouts can predict that?

    and exactly what makes Piniella the best manager in baseball? Because he won 1 title in 20 years as a manager? how good a manager was he in Seattle when he had Griffey and Johnson in their primes, not to mention A-Rod? How good was he in 2001 when the team won 116 games but couldnt even get to the Series? And exactly how good is he this year with $100 million worth of "tools" AND THE EXACT SAME RECORD AS THE DEVIL RAYS in what may be the worst division in baseball.

    and just remember. in the last 37 years, the Mets have only 1 more championship than the Devil Rays, the same number as Arizona and 1 less than the Florida Marlins.

  3. 3RunHomer says:

    I guess you told him. Baseball fans from New York, Boston and Philadelphia ... can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em in the head.

    So it's June. Isn't this the magic date when it's okay to bring up the kid pitchers? Bring on the Durham Cavalry!

  4. 3RunHomer says:

    Hooray hooray hooray! Sonnanstine and Howell have been called up! We're now 4/5ths of the way to a major league starting rotation.

    It's the start of a whole new era in Devil Fishees baseball. Now get Hammel up here and finish the job.


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