Devil Rays 10, D-Backs 2.
Last night was as frustrating as a 10-2 win can ever be. Edwin Jackson pitched 4.2 innings before being removed from the game for precautionary reasons. Jackson was experiencing cramping in the index finger of his pitching hand. Last night was frustrating because on the surface it looked like a strong pitching performance by Jackson, who was 1 out from his victory since 2005. He was 1 out away from his first victory with the Devil Rays.

But this outing was anything but a strong performance. Jackson did hold the D-Backs to 2 runs in his 4+ innings of work. However, he surrendered 4 hits and 4 other batters reached base via the walk. Jackson needed 92 pitches in less than 5 innings and only 50 were thrown for strikes. Assuming that Jackson’s injury is not serious, he likely pitched just well enough to keep his spot in the rotation. But please don’t tell us that it was a “positive outing” or a “step forward” in his development.


  • What would be less surprising…Elijah Dukes makes news for something off the field or Rocco Baldelli re-injuring his hamstring? Let’s see…today is Tuesday…Alex we’ll take Bubble Boy’s hamstring for $500…Baldelli tweaked his hamstring while batting last night in Durham. Rocco was originally scheduled to come off the DL and rejoin the Rays on Friday. That plan seems unlikely to happen now.
  • Casey Fossum believes he is starting to regain some of his velocity in the bullpen, in hopes of returning to the rotation.
  • Gotham Baseball reports that the Yankees are pursuing a first baseman and they have their eyes on Carlos Pena. The Devil Rays may not be able to acquire Tyler Clippard but they may be interested in Sean Henn. Henn is a lefty that the Yankees have used in middle relief this season, but was used exclusively as a starter in the minors. If Pena is too expensive the Yankees may be willing to settle for Ty Wigginton.
  • What grade would you give the Devil Rays so far in 2007? Despite being on pace for a franchise record 72 wins, we still get a sense that the team is underperforming. We’d say a C- is about right.
  • It is our belief that a manager gets too much credit when the team is doing well and too much criticism when the team is struggling.
  • Joe Maddon and his longtime girlfriend are now engaged. Let’s assume they get married following the 2008 season. Then allow for one year as newlyweds. That means by 2010, Papa Joe will start acting more like Lou Piniella.


  1. Anonymous says:

    bashing Jackson and making indirect shots at Dukes. some things never change

  2. the george says:

    I think that Baldelli should just pay someone to do everything for him so that he doesn't pull his hamstring anymore.

    Of course, then he would just end up pulling his hamstring taking his wallet out of his pocket or something.

  3. Mike says:

    Yeah bashing that barely sub 8.0 ERA sure is an injustice

  4. The Professor says:

    o c'mon...most of the shots have been direct

  5. Anonymous says:

    haha touche


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