• The Devil Rays were 5-13 versus the Yankees in 2006.
  • Carl Pavano will be making his first start since the middle of 2006, and is likely to be booed lustily by the Yankee faithful.
  • Former Devil Rays first baseman Josh Phelps earned his way on to the Yankees opening day roster and may actually get the nod to start on opening day. Phelps hit .442 with 4 home runs in spring training.
  • Yankees fans are a demanding sort. Being the best player in baseball doesn’t make you a Yankee. You have to earn your pinstripes and Alex Rodriguez still hasn’t. He could hit 80 home runs this season, but the fans will still boo him if he doesn’t come through in the playoffs.
  • Andy Pettite will get the ball on Wednesday in his first start for the Yankees since 2003.

(stats are from 2006)

Monday, 1:05 et
Devil Rays Scott Kazmir, LHP (10-8, 3.24)
New York
Carl Pavano, RHP (0-0, 0.00)

Wednesday, 1:05 et
Devil Rays Jae Seo, RHP (3-12, 5.33)
New York
Andy Pettite, LHP (14-13, 4.20)

Thursday, 7:05 et
Devil Rays
James Shields, RHP (6-8, 4.84)
New York
Mike Mussina, RHP (15-7, 3.51)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good thing they sent down Orvella. The Rays have SO MANY good relief pitchers! Ha! This team is so funny.


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