Angels 11, Devil Rays 3.
supposed to win games if the team doesn’t score 15 runs a game? Let’s look at Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. There is some good news. First of all, the more times this happens, the easier it is to swallow. The other good news is, the Rays are now one start closer to an all 25-and-under rotation. Last season Jae Seo suffered quite often from a lack of run support. We guess, you could say the same thing this season. How is Jae SeoSeo’s numbers on the season. In 5 starts he has an ERA of 9.51. In each of his starts, he has given up run totals of 5, 10, 4, 5 and 6. He has posted one decent start, against Minnesota, in which he worked 7 innings and didn’t walk anybody and gave up only 4 runs. Seo is not a major league starting pitcher right now. The Rays only have two pitchers that can win a game on their own. The others have to at least keep the team in the game, and Seo is not even doing that. Somebody should tell Jason Hammel to pack his bags.

  • Rocco Baldelli (aka Bubble Boy) had to be removed from yesterday’s game in the third inning. He will probably miss the weekend series with the A’s.
  • Next up for the Rays is the Oakland A’s. Tampa Bay is 8-34 all-time in Oakland. Over a 162-game schedule that equates to 31-131. Ouch.
  • Buster Olney comments on the possibility of the Rays making a deal with Oakland for starting pitcher Rich Harden. There is no indication that any conversations have taken place. Rather, the commentary is more that the Rays and A’s would make good trade partners if Harden is available.


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