Columbus 1, Durham 0. Jason Hammel struck out 8 in 6 innings, and only gave up 2 hits, but 1 of those was a second inning solo home run that marked the only scoring in the game. Hammel now has a 2.36 ERA in 5 starts with 29 strikeouts in 26.2 innings, and continues to remind us that we may have kicked him off the radar a bit too soon.

Huntsville 3, Montgomery 0. Mike Prochaska struck out 7 in 7 innings. He only allowed 4 hits, but he trailed 2-0 after only 6 pitches with a single, followed by a 2-run home run. Reid Brignac had 3 of the Biscuits 6 hits including 2 doubles. Evan Longoria was 0-3.

Brevard County 3, Vero Beach 2. Second baseman Hunter Vick had 3 of the Rays 5 hits to raise his average to .324. Mike Wlodarczyk gave up 2 runs in 5.2 innings with 4 strikeouts.



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    This is an excellent blog. I just found it. I didn't think there were any other D-rays fans in the country. Well there certainly aren't any around here in South bend where I am going to school. Keep up the good work.


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