• Stop us if you have heard this before: The Rays bullpen blew aYeah…we thought you might have heard it before. Yeah, yeah, its the first Spring game, but when a guy who is supposed to be one of the only bright spots in the pen gives up a three-run home run to a guy wearing #93, thats not so good. On top of that between the intrasquad game and this game against the Yankees, it took the regulars 10 innings before they picked up their first base hit, a single by Rocco Baldelli to lead off the fourth. Back…is…starting…to…tense up.
  • These new Spring Training uniforms are hideous.
  • Al Reyes will take a major step today towards coming back from surgery.
  • We have long held the belief here that the team would not be active in this year’s free agency but rather they would hold off, allow the young roster one more season of maturation and then become much more active in the market following the 2007 season. This year’s over-priced and under-talented free agent class made sticking to the plan much easier for the front office. Many have stated that the 2008 free agent class is much deeper which should bring the prices down a touch. Here is an early look at that class.
  • Benny Boo Zobrist is starting to remind us more and more of “Jimmy” from Bull Durham. Jimmy was the very religious guy on the Durham Bulls that would never say a bad word, everybody made fun of him and then he married the hot chick.


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