• First of all, let us take a moment to apologize. Normally we would run a picture of a Devil Ray to lead this post. However, it is not all too often when we get to witness God himself greatness, so we decided to go with Johan Santana. We did try to find a picture of Delmon Young taking a dump in right field, but were unsuccessful…Back to the post.
  • With last night’s loss 8-0 to the Twinkies, the Devil Rays were officially eliminated from playoff contention…Damn it! Why did we get our hopes up…Of course, it is now official, Aaron Goldstein, the columnist for the Intellectual Conservative and The American Daily, who predicted the Devil Rays would win the World Series this season, is completely mad. (And he writes for a publication with the word Intelligent in the title?). In April we questioned his sanity. Well, this week he was at least man enough to admit he might have been a wee bit off on his prediction. Needless to say, we are marking our calendars in anticipation of next year’s prediction. Next year is our year!
  • The September call-ups have been completed. Edwin Jackson and Brian Stokes were called up on September 1st, and on Monday Juan Salas and catcher Shawn Riggans were called up. None of these were a surprise, although we might have expected one or two more pitchers. Both Salas and Riggans made their debuts last night. Salas relieved Jae Seo in the seventh and got off to a good start by retiring the first two batters he faced. Then the floodgates opened, and he ended up allowing 3 runs, although Delmon Young’s brain fart in right field didn’t help. So now Young not only looks like an Albert Belle-clone, but now he has brain spasms like him also. Maybe Delmon thought the umpire earlier this year threw eggs at him?? Riggans made his debut in the ninth as a pinch hitter. It was awfully nice of Joe Maddon to wait until the Twins took Sandy Koufax Johan Santana out of the game, lest he be made to look like he was from the Fort Dodge School For The Blind like the rest of the starting lineup.
  • A couple of injury notes...Jonny Gomes had successful surgery “to clean out” his shoulder, and now it appears that not only is Casey Fossum is done for the season, but he also needs surgery on his shoulder. We are not really sure how he injured his shoulder. He doesn’t throw hard enough to put any stress on the joint. Still, this should be interesting. After the surgery, Fossum could potentially set the record for slowest pitcher ever. Somebody should contact Guiness…The good news for the Rays is by missing the last month, Fossum will not make 30 starts this season and his 2007 salary will only be $2.2 million instead of $3 million.

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    Yo, if you're stilling looking for pictures of Delmon Young taking a dump, see me after work. I've got 'em in spades.


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