• Here is a nice write-up of the recent combined no-hitter thrown by Jason Hammel and Juan Salas. Hammel came a lot closer to finishing the deal himself than we realized. [Baseball America]
  • Excellent question here…Has there been a worse hitter in baseball, especially at hitter’s position, than Travis Lee? Here are some numbers. In all baseball, there are 34 first basemen with at least 150 at bats. Lee is last in batting average (.202), 31st in home runs (5), last in RBI (14), and last in slugging (.305). But our favorite stat? Try 3-40. Travis Lee is 3-40 (.075) with runners in scoring position. Who cares how many errors he saves at first base if he costs the teams runs at the plate? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Rays’ front office has clearly started a new trend by showing that they will pull a trigger on a deal. But the question is…would Andrew Friedman take a page from Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s and hold on to a free agent-to-be? In this case, Julio Lugo is set to be a free agent at the end of the season. Lugo would probably command a contract that would not make sense for the Devil Rays, especially with young shortstops waiting in the wings (B. J. Upton?, Reid Brignac, Ben Zobrist). The obvious choice is to move Lugo to a contender for a prospect or two. But, Billy Beane often holds on to those players and takes the “sandwich” draft pick that teams are awarded for losing free agents to other teams. If Lugo walks at the end of the season, the Rays would be awarded an extra pick in between the first and second round. Apparently the Rays are considering this option. [DevilRays.com]
  • Unbelievably, the Devil Rays game featuring two of the best young pitchers in baseball (Liriano and Kid K) will not be part of the MLB Extra Innings package. *banging head against our desk* [MLB Extra Innings]
  • Here is an article that shows exactly how difficult it is to acquire a young catcher like Dioner Navarro. This trade may actually be bigger for the Rays than it appears on the surface. [Sporting News]
  • Chuck Tiffany who came over with Edwin Jackson in the off-season trade that sent Danys Baez and Lance Carter to the Dodgers, has just had season-ending rotator cuff surgery. Tiffany was considered by some to be the better player in that trade with a higher upside than Jackson. [Baseball America]

UPDATE: The game tonight with the Minnesota Twins, featuring Liriano and Kid K, has been added to the MLB Extra Innings package. It looks to us like enough people called and complained. In the immortal words of Mel Allen, How about that! People were complaining about a Devil Rays’ game not being on TV.



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