• Roberto Hernandez as the Devil Rays’ home town hero? [LiveJournal]
  • If the Florida Aquarium is going to work with the Devil Rays and take their charitable donations, the least they could is get the name of the team correct. The Florida Devil Rays? [Aquarium Times]
  • Rocco Baldelli is the 5th best baseball player to ever come out of that county masquerading as a state in New England. [A Large Regular]
  • Rocco also has one of the best names in baseball. Although can you really go wrong with Manny Ramirez, who’s A-Rod-type nickname would be “ManRam”. Or what about Felix Heredia, who would be “F-Her”. We’re just sayin’. [Anything About Sports]
  • According to one person in the Rays’ front office, Mitch Talbot was the key to the Huff deal. [H-Town Sports]
  • Even Red Sox fans like to take an occasional shot at the Mets about the Kazmir deal. [Touching All The Bases]
  • Apparently the guys over at Hooray, Beer! think that Kazmir needs a few more strong seasons before being considered for the Hall of Fame. Huh? Really? Don’t get us wrong. Kid K is awesome and we love him, but he hasn’t even won more than 10 games in a season yet. [Hooray, Beer!]


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