Devil Rays 3, Florida 1. (Quick Note: What is wrong with Casey Fossum’s arm in this picture? Is it us, or does it look like it he does not have an elbow? Does this explain why his most effective pitch is the 45 mph Fossum Flop? Yes we like the name “Fossum Flop” much better than “Fossum Flip”.) Both Dioner Navarro and Jae Seo made their debuts for the Rays last night. Navarro was in the starting lineup and batted 8th. He was 0-2 with 2 walks. Our first thoughts on Navarro? The is big. We do see the similarity with Ivan Rodriguez, which is the origin of Navarro’s nickname “Pudgito” or “Little Pudge”. But there is a distinct difference. This kid is much bigger than Pudge from the knees to the chest. Navarro has some of the biggest legs we have ever seen on a baseball player. Seo also made an appearance out of the bullpen. He relieved Fossum in the 6th and pitched 2 scoreless innings, allowing 1 hit and 2 walks. Our first thoughts on Seo? Well, he needs a new tailor. The guys over at Uniwatch noticed right away that Seo’s nameplate was upside down (it curved up instead of down). We also noticed, that for some reason Seo is going with the number 98. In Japan and his stints with the Mets and Los Angeles, Seo wore the number 26. Needless to say, we don’t think Seo will be able to pry 26 from Kid K. But 98? 98 is a number worn by non-roster invitees in Spring Training. Well, it seemed to work for him last night. As for pitching out of the bullpen…Seo is scheduled to be the starting pitcher on Sunday. Joe Maddon did indicate before the game that Seo would be available from the bullpen and that it would not affect his scheduled start on Sunday since Seo has been pitching relief in Los Angeles.
The Devil Rays have the day off today as they travel to D. C. to play the Nationals.

Turn that frown upside-down [Uniwatch]



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