Huh? Did we read that right? Yes, The Devil Rays and the Braves tonight will wear throwback uniforms from the 1970’s. That shouldn’t be too hard for the Braves. In fact, we were always fans of the baby blue jerseys and the lower-case, script “a” the Braves wore during the late 60s and 70s. On the other hand, the Rays? Throwbacks from the 1970s? The team will wear uniforms from the Tampa Tarpons. The Tarpons were a single-A minor league team that was affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds for most of their existence. We are just grateful that the front office decided not to go with these throwbacks, or these…And we are soooooooo glad they won’t be wearing these caps. Did we actually own one of those caps? Just goes to show you how badly we wanted major league baseball on the west coast of Florida. We thought those looked good.

The Devil Rays sister franchise, across the bay, The Buccaneers, have yet to participate in the NFLs recent spate of throwback games. Many have labeled the orange uniforms the worst in the history of the NFL. That may be, but there will always be a soft spot in our heart for Bucco Bruce and the old-school Bucs look. In fact, we kinda wish the Bucs would go throwback just once, and bring back the uniform that Doug Williams and Lee Roy Selmon once wore (We do it in Madden all the time…Maybe on Thanksgiving this season?). As long as it is not the neon orange and red the team wore the last couple of years.

But…we find it hard to believe that we will ever clamor for a Devil Rays throwback that involves purple, teal, blue, yellow and whatever other colors were in those original uniforms. In fact, we were kinda hoping that we would not even be able to find pictures of them on the internet, so that we can pretend it never actually happened.

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