Toronto 6, D-Rays 4. OK…outside the obvious, something interesting happened in this game that we believe is worth noting. During our post covering Friday night’s dramatic come from behind victory over the Marlins, we mentioned how we were wondering why interim manager Bill Evers did not use a pinch runner for Aubrey Huff when he reached first base in the 8th inning down by one run. The thought being, Huff is a slow runner and the chance of him hitting again in the game is low. So the traditional move is to be a runner with better speed in as a pinch-runner. A runner who would have a better chance of scoring from first on a double, and from second on a single. In fact, Huff reached second in that inning. Well, on that night it turned out well for the Rays as Evers did not pull Huff from the game and he would later on win the game in the bottom of the 10th with a home run. Well, the almost identical situation occurred last night. With one out in the 8th and the Rays down one, Huff singled and Joe Maddon immediately pulled Huff for a pinch runner (Tomas Perez). Obviously the move had no impact on yesterday’s game, but we can’t help but wonder if the Rays would have won the game on Friday if Maddon was managing instead of Evers.

Boston 9, New York 5. Curt Schilling was dominant as he improved his record to 7-2. We are still amazed by the Yankee lineup the last few games. Here is a team with a $200 million payroll and they are starting Terrance Long and Melky Cabrera in the outfield. Now as Rays fans we know as well as anyone about injuries this season, but when the Spankees spent the $200 million, did they forget to sign any players for the bench? Truly amazing. And that folks is why the Red Sox are now up 2.5 games and will probably win the division. O, that and the fact that they invested $16 million in an over the hill pitcher (Randy Johnson). ouch

Seattle 8, Baltimore 6. The O’s kept pace with the Devil Rays for last place in the AL East. Baltimore could only manage two runs off of Jamie Moyer who is 74 years old. We are pretty sure that Moyer was 10-year veteran when Earl Weaver was managing the Orioles.


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