Boston (30-19). The Red Sox still lead the division by 1 game after losing to the Blue Jays yesterday. The folks over at Suriving Grady are ready for a 1-9 roadtrip that could shake up the division a bit. Of course, that loss came on the heals of a 4 game sweep against some team. It is still a bit fuzzy.

New York (29-20, 1.0 gb). The Spankees took 3 of 4 over the weekend to remain 1 game back. Randy Johnson looked strong for the first time in a month yesterday against the Tigers. Of course he only worked into the 7th innings despite allowing only 2 hits and no runs. Two years ago, that would have been a 3-hit shutout and 12 K’s. Of course, the folks at YanksBlog are ever the optimist, believing this marks a turnaround for the Big Mullett.

Toronto (28-22, 2.5 gb). The Jays took 3 of 4 over the weekend and continue to hang around in the AL East. We can see this team sticking around for a while, but will most likely fade in late July. We just don’t believe in that pitching staff.

Baltimore (23-28, 8.0 gb). The O’s salvaged the final game against the LA Angels, as they tread water slightly ahead of the Rays in the standings. Reading the posts over at Camden Chat, seems to indicate that the Oriole’s fans believe the apocalypse is right around the corner.

Devil Rays (21-30, 10.0 gb). We might be willing to discuss this later in the day after we find a really big bloody mary to cure this hangover and a map to find our way out of this Glass Cage of Emotion.



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