• Rocco Baldelli (remember him?) is hoping to play in a couple of minor league games this week. He has now been more than 200 games since he last played in a game with the Rays. To put into perspective, he has played in 292 major league games. Manager Joe Maddon has stated that once Baldelli is ready he will play 2-3 weeks in the minors, most likely at AA Montgomery. [The Providence Journal]
  • Jorge Cantu’s foot is starting to feel better and may be ready to begin a rehab assignment later this week, and may return to the team after their next roadtrip, June 1. [devilrays.com]
  • Jeff Niemann, the Devil Rays’ top pick in 2004, is still a month away from pitching in games. He has been sidelined since late last season with a sore shoulder. [The Tampa Tribune]
  • While many players used pink bats and donned pink wrist bands in observance of Breast Cancer awareness day, Toby Hall took it one step further. He played the game with his trademark goatee dyed pink. We have yet to find a good picture of the goatee, so if anyone out there knows of one, please forward it to us here. [The Tampa Tribune]
  • Not only did Delmon Young receive a 50 game suspension…he was also “sentenced” to community service. Its official, Delmon Young received a stronger sentence than O. J. Simpson. [The Tampa Tribune]
  • The good news? Derek Jeter committed 56 errors one season in the minors. The bad news? Jeter was in his first full season, B. J. Upton is in his 4th full season. More good news? Upton’s glove work is much better. He recently had a 10-game errrorless streak and 11 of his 14 errors this season have been on throws. This is especially good if the Rays sign this guy to play first base. [The Tampa Tribune]
  • So…how is that Dewon Brazelton for Sean Burroughs trade working? Burroughs was sent down last week so that he could get regular playing time. Brazelton was sent down this week just in case his crappy pitching is contagious. [San Diego Union-Tribune]
  • The future of the Devil Rays rotation? Meet Wade Davis and Jake McGee. [Battlecreek Enquirer]


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