As far as I am concerned, Christmas come three times a year. The first day of the NCAA tournament, the first Sunday of the NFL season and of course the first Monday in April also known as Opening Day in baseball. Dwayne Staats just said it best. This is the most exciting opening day in the D-Rays history since year one. How can you not be excited about this season? Sure, this team still has problems (ie. relief pitching), but you can see it starting to come together. And no sooner did I write that, and Johnny Gomes just parked one in the foliage of left center firled at Camden Yards. Here is a perfect example…I actually worry about our outfield situation because we have TOO many talented outfielders. Nice problem to have.



  1. Christ Sabp says:

    This is not a bad first post, but boy have you expanded and improved. As a D-Ray fan in Columbus, Ohio, this site is a great read to stay in touch with my preferred AL team. Keep it up.

  2. The Professor says:

    wow! it only took two years, but we finally have a comment on our first post!

    thanks. and glad to have you on board.

  3. zenny says:

    What are you - on crack?!? C'mon, Nick Green starting??? Jesus Colome the closer??? Lemme tell you something; this Jesus ain't savin' nothing.

    The Devil Rays will lose at least 100 games (maybe even 101) or my name isn't Sinverguenza Ricosuave!


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