We must admit we were a bit worried this past off-season when Rays Management traded former first round pick Dewon Brazelton for another first round underachiever, Sean Burroughs. We have seen enough of Burroughs in San Diego to know that he will never live up to his first round hype. However, we do believe that he can be a serviceable player. If surrounded by good hitters, he has the potential to hit .300 and 15-20 home runs. Not exactly all-star numbers, but we would take them. More likely, he will make a good bat off the bench or a decent sub when Aubrey Huff, or another thirdbaseman is injured. We don’t mind having Burroughs on the team, but what worried us about the trade was our fear of seeing Brazelton become an ace in San Diego…well, worry no more. If his first two starts for the Pads are any indication, he is now their headache. In two starts, he has gone 6.1 innings (total) and given up 17 hits, 6 walks, and 17 (!) runs. Batters are hitting .472 against him and he is giving up more than 3.5 runners per inning, to the tune of a 24.16 era. This just in…that is not good.


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  1. Frode says:

    I'm just glad Brazelton is long gone. It remains to be seen if Burroughs can do anything useful with his bat, but he'll never be responsible for as many losses as Brazelton was.

    This trade was good for the Rays, even if Burroughs never gets a single hit as a Ray.

  2. ken says:

    If you saw the last spring training start, you could see this coming. $1M arm (thanks to Chuck LaMar), $.10 head. Still can't figure out why people don't try him out of the bully.


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