In what may be the biggest upset of the season for the 2016 Tampa Bay Rays, they are averaging 16,614 tickets distributed per game.

Through 45 home dates, attendance is actually up 7.0% from a year ago. They are on pace to reach 1.33 million this season after attendance reached a 10-year low last year at 1.25 million.


The 1.33 million would still be the second-worst attendance for the Rays during the Stuart Sternberg era.

The increase is also more evidence that a team’s current performance is not as important in determining a team’s attendance such as things like previous year’s performance (which impacts season-ticket sales) and stadium location and a lack of accessibility for dolphins.

Of course, the Rays won’t be able to count on meaningful games in September to boost walk-up sales. So there is a chance that the average regresses a bit over the final 2.5 months.


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  1. Mike says:

    Only because of ticket specials and promotions. I myself like 15 dollars press level seats for Thursday matinee games.Its almost as cheap as the movies.Oh and do not forget the five dollar ticket nite sell out


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