Jake OdorizziThere are four days left until the (non-waiver) trade deadline and despite all the chatter surrounding the Rays and their starting pitchers, a few teams feel like the Rays are leaning towards holding on to those pitchers for now.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN spoke with “several teams” that have had trade talks with the Rays and reports that those teams don’t feel confident that they can get a deal done.

“Several teams that have had conversations with the Rays have concluded they’re perfectly willing — and leaning toward — hanging on to their big assets and waiting to act during the winter, when they can engage with 29 MLB teams rather than a handful making playoff pushes.”

While none of the Rays pitchers are pending free agents and the Rays don’t have to make a deal, the one thing that has been pushing the Rays to deal is that it has been a seller’s market with few starting pitchers available and a lot of teams still in the playoff hunt. But as we speculated a couple of weeks ago when we thought it would be better to deal earlier, rather than later, some more starting pitchers have hit the market.

At this point, it may be in the Rays’ best interest to wait until the offseason when more teams can get involved and there is little mystery in how deep the starting pitcher market will be (not very).

Of course, this could very well just be posturing by the Rays. Most of the reports we have heard involving the starting pitchers say that the Rays and other teams have reached a bit of an impasse and each side it waiting for the other to blink. If the Rays are going to get the other team to overpay, it would help to make sure those teams know that the Rays won’t have a problem holding on to their assets. The worry there though is that you look too complacent and teams just give up and stop trying.

Still, the Rays know what they want. And it is their M.O. that if teams don’t pony up, the Rays will walk away.



  1. Jim says:


    Ask way too much for the talent, and when they get shot down......."we're going to wait until the offseason when more teams will be interested and we'll get a better deal then".

    offseason rolls around and we settle for the best offer available before the start of the season and the Rays will claim it's still better than anything they were offered at the deadline. IT'S A GOD DAMN BROKEN RECORD.

    The Dodgers and AF are in HUGE need of pitching. If the Dodgers don't make the playoffs this year, his seat will become warm. If we don't work out a deal with them for at least one starter then this front office is completely a farce.

    • monte says:

      Jim is so dang knowledgeable he should be the GM. The Rays would contend for the WS every year. I'm so impressed by his insight.

      • Joe Dunn says:

        Funny---Listen to talk radio? The airwaves are FULL of people that think they can run teams.

      • Jim says:

        Soooo sorry that I offended you with the truth. We are finally in a true power position at the trade deadline for the first time in a decade and I want the front office to actually pull the trigger.

        I’m not suggesting we give away anyone, I just want to see us make a few moves to improve this team. How many years did we build around great pitching and defense? That window has closed and it’s time to start looking for a new one to open. We have two position players that you can pencil in as opening day starters. That leaves a ton of holes, and the only way we’re going to fill them is through trades.

        Good pitching with no defense and spotty offense is going to produce 90 losses a year. To everyone that wants to be blown away with top prospects, we are talking about our #3 and #4 pitchers here. So if we get a top 5 prospect and a little more, isn’t that enough?

        I not proposing giving AF and JM crap, make them pay, because both are also dealing with window issues. I just don’t want to be greedy and be stuck with7 starters, no defense, and the same offense we have this year. We can’t afford FA’s, we don’t draft well, we don’t develop well, so we need trades to improve this team. How hard is that to see, we have an opportunity to improve this team by trading players that contributed to the 90+ losses that we will have this year. That is a great position to be in, and I hope we don’t let this deadline be treated like the past few.

      • Jim says:

        We have someone at 3rd and CF. Every other position is a question mark for next year. Jesus guys, we were at the top of the division with great defense, a quality bullpen, and very good starters. So let’s advance to next year. 7 starters, marginal bullpen, and a gigantic question mark at almost every defensive position and hitting. How many wins?

        You roll the dice and see what happens, you might get lucky, you might fail. Staying the course and pricing ourselves out of trades isn’t going to advance this team. The Atlanta Braves had a starting staff loaded with hall of famers, how many WS did they win? They stayed the course year after year. Most of you want upper level deals for our #3 and #4 starters or just keep them. Yet when they are pitching for us, it’s for a 90 loss team.

        • Rob says:

          I spelled out my strategy on the good, bad, and ugly thread from yesterday's afternoon game with LA - I think the Rays need to make one legit trade and one or two smaller ones for the bullpen. Curious as to your thoughts.

          • Jim says:

            i trust Hickey to fill the bullpen holes in the offseason. But maybe a PIerce trade will solve that.

            We need to trade two starters to fill in the giant holes for position players. we need mlb ready prospects to be starters. Other than 3rd base and CF, we have no guaranteed position roster spots filled for next year.

            Those holes are glaring. SS,C,2B have to be addressed. we can pick up corner OF and 1B in FA's. the infield has to be shored up through trading at least one of our starters.

        • OriginalTom says:

          How is 2B a hole? Forsythe is signed through 2017 and there is a team option for 2018.

    • Ken H says:

      Who are the Dodgers offering Jim? Do you even know? The Rays rightfully should be selling as high as the ceiling goes. I'm not in the mood to do "Boy Wonder", JoMa, or any other team a favor. The Rays have the pitching assets to put a contender over the top. If I don't hear at least one of this group coming back then sit tight: Profar, Gallo, Sanchez, Meadows, Urias, Glasnow, A.J. Reed, Judge, Mazara...................

      • J 2.0 says:

        I wouldn't make a deal for Gallo. Dude has Adam Dunn/Carlos Pena written all over him. Feel the same way about A J Reed. Profar would be awesome but I feel like Archer is worth more than just Profar. The Meadows/Glasnow deal sounds very fair to me for Archer. I would love to snag Urias and a bat, but that will never happen.

      • Jim says:

        Why on earth would the Dodgers trade Julio Urias for either Moore or Odi? Would you have traded Snell for ANY #3 or #4 starters last year? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. The only place he has been mentioned is in a Chris Sale trade, Once again that’s a delusional trade scenario for the Rays. I don’t believe that AF would even consider swapping Urias for Archer straight up, unless we threw in extra.

        • J 2.0 says:

          Don't think I ever suggested Odo or Moore for Urias. And you are contradicting yourself. Trade Archer for anything less than Urias? That is ridiculous. Archer is a major league all star and is not even really all that "down" of a year. Odo's value is not very strong. Moore however should pull a Joey Gallo on his own. Archer should get Gallo and Profar. You say we are in a power position then want to trade Archer for less than Urias?

          We should get more than the Yankees go for Chapman with Archer. Archer has a ton of affordable control and could be the #2 guy behind Kershaw for years in LA, the #1 in Texas or Pittsburgh. New York got a guy in Torres that will probably turn out to be atleast a middle of the pack short stop as a floor and top 5 as a ceiling. The other guys will come off the bench if they ever make the show. And Warren sucks.

          • Jim says:

            you are delusional.

            "Archer should get Gallo and Profar"
            THERE IS ZERO CHANCE YOU ARE GONNA GET AN ORGANIZATION'S #1 and #2 PROSPECTS FOR A PITCHER WITH THE MOST LOSSES IN THE LEAGUE. nobody is going to give up that for "last years" pitcher.

            we're trying to say this year is a fluke. what if the first half of last season was the fluke?

            Once again, Matt Moore is a #3 or #4 starter with limited control. You equate that to the #1 prospect in an organization. nice dream, just not reality.

  2. Brent says:

    If only we could get back Myers for Souza...


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