The Tampa Bay Rays are dumpster fire and the fire trucks are all on vacation.

Remember when the staple of the Rays was good pitching, good defense, and decent fundamentals? A lot has been made about how bad the pitching has been, but the defense has been equally as bad and the fundamentals non-existent. That was never more true than during one play in the eighth inning of the Rays’ (likely) loss to the Angels on Thursday.

With two outs and the Rays trailing 3-0, the Angels had the speedy Mike Trout on third base and the slow-footed Albert Pujols on first base. In addition, the Rays have Hank Conger behind the plate, a catcher who couldn’t throw out a 3-legged sloth.


This is an obvious time to try a double-steal to try and well, steal an insurance run. But you wouldn’t want a straight double-steal. The best move is to try and get Pujols in a rundown just long enough to score the run and that is exactly what the Angels did and the Rays fell for it like a high school team.

The Rays have a couple of options: 1) throw through to second, but have shortstop Brad Miller charging hard to cut off the throw and get Trout at home; or 2) just hold the damn ball, let Pujols take second base, and just get the damn batter and get out of the inning.

What do the Rays do? They throw through. Miller is late coming in and catches the ball way too close to second base. There is zero chance of getting Trout at home. And by the time he figures that out, it is too late to get Pujols who was just begging to be tagged out.

*head hits desk*

At this point I fully expect the Rays to come out tomorrow, take a gigantic collective dump on the field, and then go home.



  1. Ken H says:

    The players play just like the manager manages, with their heads up their arses.

  2. DRR says:

    They need to trade Longoria and Archer for a haul of prospects and move forward.

  3. Craig says:

    Conger can't play catcher and he doesn't hit well enough to play anywhere else. Rays need a real catcher who can hold onto the position for a while. I don't know why the Rays dumped Wil Myers. Couldn't understand Jaso and even Loney getting thrown away either. Getting set up for next season with a real catcher and someone who resembles a lead off hitter would be worth a pretty stiff price. But that's just my opinion and I'm not pretending to be smart.

  4. Jim says:

    Who is our manager for today's game? Surely Cash bench himself for not having his team prepared for a little league double steal. His lack of hustle for not calling a time out, and running his fat ass out there to discuss the situation is "embarrassing" and surely deserves a game off.

    Cash has lost the locker room and we've seen no signs that he is the manager of the future. i know we are injured to the max, but if anything, that exposes his flaws even more.

    If they were willing to eat millions on Loney’s contract, why would we consider keeping Cash for 5 years? Oh I forgot, the Rays will NEVER admit that the fans may be right about a underperforming Coach. (see D Shelton) The smartest man in the room syndrome didn’t leave when Maddon went to the Cubs.

  5. Drew says:

    All this tells me is Kevin Cash has not addressed this scenario with the team. Which, for a major league baseball team, is unfathomable. That, or Brad Miller is an idiot, which is also possible.

  6. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I'll step out of my 2 year RI retirement to simply state that I am appalled by the level of crappiness being displayed by the Rays.

    I don't even have anything useful to add, just the thought that something has to give.
    New catcher, new manager, new attitude, new bullpen... anything!

    Trade DJ for a vile of Yankee Stadium dirt.
    Package Conger and an old dusty Elijah Dukes bobblehead together and try to get a bucket of bubblegum in return...

    • Dave L says:

      Hey Smith remember when JM and AF left and I noted that we likely had just witnessed a historic run which was likely never to be duplicated due to financial limitations of the franchise. You called me out and said it was just negativism! heheh
      The 2008-2013 run is a distant memory. The window has closed. It would take a historic Devil Rays like bad run combined with great drafting to duplicate it. That would doom the franchise in the Tampa Bay area in the new tight economic times.

      Future looks as bleak as the present.

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

        I still don't buy-in to the gloom and doom. This team is awful, but if they keep a strong core of (currently underachieving) starters in the future, there's always a chance at a strong run... I'll concede that you were half right (but that's still half wrong).

  7. Jim says:

    All i've seen is Cash bitching about the Pujols slide. i haven't seen any mention of the double steal. Great reporting by the local media.

  8. Mike says:

    No help coming from Durham 4 players at Durham batting over .235 that is right 4. Position players drafted in the last 10 years to make this team mlb roster maybe 4. They cannot draft talent either.They get runners on second and third or just first even less than 2 outs nobody bunts anymore safety squeeze what the hell is that no wonder they want to builed a new ballpark with just one deck thats because nobody goes to the games no matter what they give away or what specials they have.Please put Andreise back in the rotation.


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