Not much to say here. It is just a chart tracking the Rays’ record this season in terms of how many games over or (mostly) under .500 they have been.

Earlier this year it looked like the Rays were heading to a repeat of last year. That is, they were going to hover around .500 all season. And then all chaos broke loose and the season started to look more like the Andrea Gail in “The Perfect Storm” heading towards whatever the baseball equivalent of “lost at sea” is.



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  1. Lee thorell says:

    When will you fire Sheltie? Seems something would click in your heads that he is teaching WRONG! The players can hit when they come up from the minors but soon they cannot anymore. Will be interesting to see how long before Maille cannot hit anymore. Maybe bring up the instructor from Durham, ever think of that? He obviously teaches the uppercut but obviously it doesn't work! Ever think of that? What a shame to have that talent and a poor batting coach. They are not even fun to watch anymore. Pitiful situation! Lee Thorell

    I mean Sheltie obviously teaches the uppercut. Thanks for listening.


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