Chris ArcherWe are closing in on the trade deadline which means we are in the middle of baseball’s silly season.

With the Rays out of the race and loaded with starting pitchers, seemingly every playoff contender is interested in trading for one of the Rays’ young arms, and one name that keeps popping up is Chris Archer.

Buster Olney was on ESPN Radio Thursday morning discussing trade possibilities when Archer came up. Olney specifically noted that the Texas Rangers would love to trade for Archer.

According to Olney, the Rays are not telling teams that Archer is unavailable, but he noted there is a big catch: if teams want Archer, they better be prepared to pay for 2015 Chris Archer, not 2016 Chris Archer.

“I’ve heard [the Rangers] would love to pry Chris Archer away from Tampa Bay. But Tampa Bay has told people that, ‘Look, we are not going to trade him unless we get a huge return. You have to treat him as if he is a Cy Young candidate again in terms of what you are [offering].’

We have already discussed why it almost certainly won’t happen, but teams are getting desperate and now we are hearing that the Rays won’t rule out trading their young ace.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it might cost to trade for a Cy Young candidate who is being paid like a middle reliever for the next five years.

As we noted yesterday, one team that may be more desperate than most is the Los Angeles Dodgers. While Andrew Friedman is not one to overpay in a trade, it will be interesting to see if the ownership group has as much patience as their young president of baseball operations and if they force Friedman to overpay.

But even if a team wanted to overpay, would any team have enough to offer for somebody like Archer? The answer is probably somewhere between “No” and “HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Meanwhile, Jayson Stark was a little more realistic in a potential trade, saying that he thought the Rangers and Rays matched up well on a possible trade with maybe Matt Moore and Alex Colome going to the Rangers in return for young players.



  1. Ken Greenfield says:

    I sure hope Matt Silverman stands tall when it comes to any of our starting pitching. To even consider dealing ANY of our starting pitching and to throw in Colome like the foolish author of this article proposes would merit a HUGE haul of talent.

    I hear swapping MLB pitching for "prospects " and I get very nervous. Unless these "prospects " are near MLB ready I say NUTS. We don't need guys who stall out in AA or AAA.

    Pitching is King and we need a legitimate King's haul of players in any trade. We need fewer reporters and pundits who only report what another teporter reports first. How about you guys report real news and not speculation. Are you guys reporters or speculators!

  2. Paco says:

    Disagree with ken Greenfield. They have to listen to offers, including for our starters. To trade archer, they'd need to get a couple nearly ready can't miss guys at the very least. Guys where you fully expect them to be stars in a couple years.

    I'll actually be a little disappointed if they don't trade at least one starter and get some decent pieces back.

    I'd love to hear an argument for why we shouldn't trade ANY starters. Care to explain how that fits into the short and long term success of this franchise?

  3. Ken H says:

    Agree and disagree with both commenters. The Price trade is a perfect example of an argument against trading right now. The return was paltry. We could have waited until the off season. A reason for, by example, would be last year's Hamels trade to the Phils. Hamels was controllable, pretty much cemented a playoff berth for the Rangers and the Phils received a 3+ prospects, one of which was a top 10 catcher.
    Here's a trade for you: Archer, LoMo and Guyer for Mazzara, Brinson and Gallo.

    • monte says:

      I don't understand. I can't find Mazzara. Brinson is hitting .225 at AA and strikes out a lot. Gallo strikes out more than a lot, possibly exceeding Souza, Jr., and is hitting only .250 at AAA. We've already got players who are good at striking out, can't get clutch hits, and play like they don't care whether or not they win. This is a team that went for weeks with starters pitching pathetically. When starters come through, hitters falter. When starters and hitters come through, the bullpen fails. What we have is a bunch of losers who must either play together more than one season or completely broken up. Watching this team play is not fun.

      • Ken H says:

        Sorry, I misspelled Mazara. He's up with the Rangers, slash line of .286, .339, .426 with an OPS of .764 and he' 21. Gallo's 22 batting .246, .383, .550 with an OPS of .933. He has 89 K's and 53 walks. Souza's numbers are much worse and he's older. Brinson also very young, 22, and had a breakout year in 2015. Across 3 leagues his numbers are impressive, .332, .403, .601 with an OPS of 1.004. Better numbers than KK. Seems to me this is a good swap.

  4. Dave L says:

    This Archer and Colome talk is crazy. We have TWO more years of relatively very cheap Archer control average $7M per. He is pitching like total sh*t! his value is at its lowest. Colome is pre Arb next year hes virtually free at well under $1M. We control him until the NEXT presidential election.

    If we trade either of these two its full scale Astros style 90+ lose for the next 3+ years to rebuild through the draft.

    My point is that a Matt Moore has very equivalent trade value as Archer. Sure on skill level upside Archer may have a higher Cy Young potential whereas MM does not. But MM will be gone after next year sure as heat in St Pete in the summer.

    And MM is a lefty. Don't discount that value. And most importantly Matt is pitching well. Desperate teams to WIN NOW want a guy hot not struggling to get out of the 5th inning start after start after start.

    IMO unless a crazy kings ransom falls at our doorstep Archer has a zero percent chance of being traded before the deadline. MM has a 100% chance of being traded before next years deadline and his stock is at an all time high, hell he recovered from TJ.

    The Rays as constituted cannot compete in 2017. Matt Moore sell high now.

    Chris Archer hold low for now --- we have time.

    Colome is free for years so why deal him??? Unless we get an MLB ready everyday player which is unlikely. Not a Franklin for god sakes.

    For reference for those who disagree-----

    Other than Longo and Archer the Rays future obligations are zilch, litterally.

    For me the 2016 season is for all intents and purposes over. The only interests are the developments of Snell and other youngsters and if Cobb can get back to some type of form to trade him before we lose him. Next year is his last before FA in 2018. So he has 350 days to establish positive trade value.

    That is cold hard bleak Devil Rays level reality for the immediate future.

  5. Rob says:

    I am watching the game tonight on the MLB Network since there is no local coverage and they have the A's announcers on. I swear one of them sounds just like Wink Martindale.

  6. Ken H says:

    To me the real issue regarding all the trade rumors is whether Silverman is capable of making a move that won't turn into another bust. Look at the moves he's already made. He valued Souza Jr. over Myers and/or Trea Turner, Morrison over Loney, gave away Zobrist and Jaso, gave up on Escobar and SRod...on and on. Now we read that due to his close ties with Boy Wonder Friedman he'll give away Archer and Colome. Might be time to give up on him.


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