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Angels 13, RAYS 5 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Alex Colome is the Rays’ representative on the AL All-Star team because somebody had to be picked. He is the 34th All-Star selection in Rays history and the 7th reliever to get the nod. This is also the third time that a reliever has been the Rays only All-Star selection…Evan Longoria still has a shot to make the team as he is one of the 5 finalists in the final vote. You can vote HEREBrandon Guyer was hit by a pitch AGAIN…Prior to the game, Kevin Cash called Colome into his office to give him the news about the All-Star nod. We like to give Colome a hard time for being suspended for using a horse steroid, but this was a nice moment.

THE BAD: The Angels are an absolute poop show. They tried to give this game to the Rays. They were begging the Rays to win this game and that is pretty much how their season has gone. And yet the Rays were still blown out…It’s great to have Alex Colome back, but the rest of the bullpen is still a dumpster fire. During the homestand, the Rays have been outscored 22-2 in the 9th inning and 34-8 in the final 3 innings. Over the last 20 games (3-17 record) the bullpen has a 9.26 ERA…Steven Souza was benched in the fourth inning for not running out a fly ball that was dropped (you can see the full play HERE). Souza still picked up a triple and later scored, so it didn’t impact the game. This is just a hunch, but Souza did not appear too excited about his triple — he was an important runner at time when the game was still very much in doubt — and he didn’t look towards the dugout as many Rays hitters do after big hits. Why does that matter? It makes me wonder if Kevin Cash had warned the team about not hustling and Souza just chose the wrong time to lollygag to first base. I don’t recall Souza failing to hustle before, this one didn’t hurt the team, and other players have seemingly been bigger culprits  *cough*DesmondJennings*cough*. Still, he acted as if he knew he was in trouble and maybe Cash decided to make an example of Souza. 

THE TELLING: After the game, Kevin Cash would not confirm that Steven Souza was benched for lack of hustle, but did confirm that Souza was not pulled for an injury and said the real reason would remain internal *wink wink*. Souza later confirmed that he was benched for not hustling…Prior to the game, Alex Colome was activated from the DL as expected. Danny Farquhar was optioned to the minors…Kevin Kiermaier is expected to take batting practice today and begin a rehab assignment next week. He could be back with the Rays after the All-Star break…Steve Pearce also told the media that he expects to be back after the All-Star break…[Syracuse 6, Durham 4Justin Marks started and gave up 6 runs (2 earned) in 5.2 innings. He struck out 7 and walked 2. Taylor Motter responded to his demotion by hitting a home run. JP Arencibia added his 5th.


    • Breakdown of the All-Star rosters. []

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of a classic Devil Rays moment.

Here is every Rays player selected to an All-Star game, prior to this year.






  1. Josh says:

    Kudos to you last night, Cork. You were on to the lack of hustle before anyone else. Topkin and the other beat writers didn't have it and even Dave & Andy weren't saying much.

  2. Ken H says:

    Kevin Cash is a joke. If the Rays are now benching players for non performance the entire pitching staff should be sent to Durham. If Cash applied the same rule to his own performance he'd be sitting by a pool somewhere for the rest of the season. A change has to come and soon.

    • OriginalTom says:

      He was not benched for non-performance, he was benched for not hustling. This is entirely different.

      • Ken H says:

        Bull. Running the bases is a performance done within the confines of the game. Why all of a sudden is Cash so concerned with hustle. Jennings, Beckham, Casali and others make a habit of trotting to first on obvious outs. Cash and Silverman are looking for scapegoats for their ineptitude and Souza fits the bill as he's not Will Myers, probably never will be. I doubt Cash has many supporters left in the dugout after last night.

        • OriginalTom says:

          To me it is a question of effort. If Souza had put forth 100% effort he would have had an inside the park home run. The fact he did not is unacceptable. I give Cash credit for benching him. I also give Souza some credit for taking responsibility for not hustling in the post game interview.

  3. Matt says:

    The fact that we're still running the same piss poor relievers out every game is ridiculous. Romero has been a major disappointment, and looks like he could use some time in Durham to work on his command. I get that Eveland is essentially a mop-up man and an innings eater, but his performance shows he's not even capable of a 40-man spot. There's a reason he's been with 8 teams in 7 years. Floro and Kolarek have both held their own in AAA, and deserve a shot at piecing this pen together. There's nothing to lose at this point, might as well give younger guys a chance.

    • Matt says:

      Looks like my wish came true, as Eveland was designated for assignment, and floro was recalled lol

  4. monte says:

    I don't recall when it was that the Rays had such a pathetic pitching staff, starters and relievers. None of them are throwing to their potential.


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