The MLB Draft is the worst.

I used to get excited about it. Maybe that was because the Rays used to be less frustrating and they used to have an impressive track record in the draft. So, we could look at these picks with reasonable certainty that they were the future that was going to keep the gravy train rolling.

But somewhere around the time the Rays traded Wil Myers, lost Ben Zobrist and David Price, and every other pitcher started having Tommy John parties, the Rays were also drafting guys like Josh Sale and LeVon Washington. That’s when I finally woke up: The MLB Draft is bullsh*t. I don’t care anymore and quite frankly, you probably shouldn’t care either.

At least when the Bucs draft a player, there is a reasonable chance I have seen him play and there is a reasonable chance that player is going to help the Bucs right now. That’s not happening when the Rays make picks.

I mean, I could tell you about all the awesome upside these guys have and about how the Rays’ front office is genius, man! But what does it matter? We don’t know what the Rays are going to need in 4-5 years. Hell, the Rays don’t know what the Rays are going to need in 4-5 years.

And yes, all of these picks are awesome! *eye roll* Just ask other Rays bloggers. “Can you believe the Rays got this steal in the third round! One evaluator who has never seen this kid play outside of a 30-second YouTube clip was sure this kid was a first-round talent! Those other 29 teams are idiots!”

If you really care about who is going to be playing for the Hudson Valley Renegades in a few weeks, head on over to the RaysRadio blog, they have some good write-ups.

Otherwise, maybe we will discuss this year’s draft when it actually matters, in 2020.



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