Carl CrawfordIt started out as a seemingly throwaway line at the end of a long column. But in today’s sports-rumors landscape, that’s all it takes.

Here is the line from Marc Topkin at the end of a column about players the Rays missed on previous drafts. It is the second line in a section titled “Rays Rumblings”:

“If OF Carl Crawford, released last week by the Dodgers, were interested, the Rays would at least talk about a reunion.”

Pretty harmless. The Rays check in on all players that are available, especially those who might be cheap and have an upside. Crawford certainly fits that bill as he was just waived by the Dodgers who will pay the $30 million remaining on the $142 million contract he signed with the Red Sox.

That’s all. But that’s all it took for headlines to start popping up about a possible reunion with the former All-Star outfielder.

But the key part to the line above is “if [he] were interested.” Unless Crawford simply has no other options, there is little reason to think he would be interested as long as the Rays play on artificial turf.

Here is what Crawford had to say about playing on artificial turf in 2009. Keep in mind he is seven years older now.

“I got away with it when I was 21,” Crawford said. “I’m a little older now — I’m almost 30, and it becomes tougher. It definitely takes a toll on your body when you have to play 81 games on it.”

And here is what Crawford said about playing on turf in April and how it impacted his body.

“I played real aggressively on turf for nine years,” he told the L.A. Times. “I’m lucky I’m still walking the way I’m walking now. I’m still walking, at least.”

Of course, Crawford played home games at The Trop when it used FieldTurf. The Rays have since switched to AstroTurf. It might be a little better on the body, but it is not going to be enough to convince Crawford that it won’t be rough on his knees. And it is not going to be enough to convince him that he will still be able to walk when his career is over.



  1. OriginalTom says:

    With mahtook and pearce (most likely) out, I would like to see them call up Robertson to play ss and move Miller to rf until Guyer or Souza returns.

    • Ken says:

      How about signing Crawford and bringing up Shaffer to split DH duties? Motter stays in right and Dickerson stays in left then.


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