The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Orioles 12, RAYS 5 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: It’s almost July! That means we can stop worrying so much about this poop show and start concentrating on whom the Rays will trade away for super-awesome minor leaguers with tons of upside.

Jake Odorizzi

THE BAD: Holy cow this is bad. It’s over for the 2016 Rays. Time of death: June 26. The Rays have now lost 11 in a row and somehow it might actually be worse than it sounds. During that stretch the Rays have been outscored 72-29 and in 5 of the games they scored 0 or 1 runs. The Rays are now 8.5 games behind the Orioles. The Rays could also win their next 5 games and they would still be in last place no matter how many games anybody else loses. What makes things worse this year is that the top two teams in the Wild Card are also in the East. So the Rays are also 8.5 games out in the Wild Card race. In fact, their 31-43 record is now the second-worst in the American League, better only than the lowly Minnesota Twins who are somehow 7.5 games behind the Rays. RIP.

THE TELLING: Oswaldo Arcia went 3-4 with a home run in just his second start since being acquired from the Twins. There is some talent there if he can cut back on the strikeouts and get back to hitting the long ball. Hopefully he will be motivated by being DFA’d by the Twins…Chris Archer now leads all of MLB with 10 losses. Remember when he was a Cy Young Award candidate?…[Lehigh Valley 3, Durham 2 (10)Jacob Faria tossed 6 shutout innings, striking out 6 and giving up 2 hits and a walk. Daniel Robertson and Richie Shaffer both went 2-5.


  • Ken Rosenthal says what we already knew, the Rays are probably not signing Carl Crawford. [Twitter]
  • Tom Jones wonders if Rays fans will still tune into the TV and radio broadcasts now that the team is so bad. The one thing the Rays could always count on was good TV/Radio numbers. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Marc Topkin defends Kevin Cash. Personally, I’ve got no problem with Cash. Not even Joe Maddon was winning with this group. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Two Rays prospects make this Baseball America list of “Nine hitting prospects who might be better than you think.” [Baseball America]
  • Blake Snell needs to get strike one. [Fangraphs]
  • One fan claims he has been to 34 Rays games since 1999 and the Rays have lost all 34. [Reddit]
  • An interview with the Great Pumpkin, Dan Johnson, who is now a knuckleball pitcher in an independent league. [YouTube]




  1. Ken J says:

    James Loney is being paid by the Rays and hitting .300 for the Mets. He just didn't fit in the new rays offense which has 2 hitters hitting over .275.

    • Rob says:

      Releasing Loney wasn't the mistake - signing him to a 3-year deal was.

      • Ken H says: for Morrison was...or signing Pearce was...anyway you look at it we went into spring training having 3 1st basemen on 1 year contracts. Who but the Rays do that? What ever happened to Richie Shaffer?

  2. Rob says:

    Are the starters' struggles pitch selection or execution? I can't decide which it is - maybe both, but it may say something about the value of the catcher calling games. Also, I wonder if Archer is regretting calling Snell out in Spring Training? Here's a guy who has had one successful 1/2 season and he's the self proclaimed leader of the staff?

    • Rob says:

      That should say, "Are the starters' struggles because of pitch selection or execution?"

    • Ken H says:

      Rob, I've been wondering the same thing. What's weird is that often it appears that both Casali and Sta-Puff Conger glance to the dugout before pitches. I've said that on this blog before.
      I've also noticed that Smyly, Moore and Ordorizzi all blow up in 1 inning between 1-5. Usually the blow up is assisted by a walk or two and an error or misplayed ball. Jeenings, Beckham, Longo, Arcia and Dekker have all been guilty in the last 7 games. Price and Shields would usually pitch out of those situations. This group gives up the big hit instead.

  3. Casey says:

    Another crap season from the kings of mediocrity. This is a direct result of poor front office work drafting, scouting and signing, they started winning in 2008 and the next few seasons because of the leg work from the years before. They got lazy or cocky and thought that drafting high ceiling was their best bet, but you lose out on more of those players than solid producers. Case in point, their first round draft pick is a kid who sometimes hits and sometimes pitches...great raw power...aka high ceiling....we know how that goes

    • Matt says:

      Based off everything I've read about this years pick Josh Lowe, that seems to be the case with him. Raw power, but needs work. I'm sure the rays will iron him out (sarcasm)...

  4. Jim says:

    Just checked tickets for this upcoming weekend. Saturday there is no concert, yet the tickets are $11 more than Friday night. Please explain?!?!? $26 to sit in the party deck on a Saturday afternoon. oooooh, but you get a FREE hat. Seriously is there any doubt they are suppressing tickets sales In order to push for a new stadium.

    And speaking of attendance, When are they going to “vaporize” the Indians? 1st place team, a hell of a lot nicer stadium than the trop, and they are LAST in attendance. Before you give me “all there attendance goes to the Cavs” BS, they are near the bottom every recent year. i'm guessing they receive a "welfare" check every year from MLB, just like we do.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Jim, Get the flex pack, It is $160 for 10 games ay game you want to go to. Weekend prices are crazy.

      • Jim says:

        With work and kids, the weekend is about the only chance we have to go these days.

        $26 to sit in the party deck is a complete farce. best values my ass. But on the weekend, FREE concerts, and FREE give aways for the kids.

        NOBODY shows up because they are selling $8 tickets for $26. The front office's master plan.

  5. Hurricanes says:

    If I were a player drafted in the first round by the Rays, I would either go to college or stay in college for my senior year. I'd tell them my research shows me they have a horrible record of developing draft picks who successfully make it to the majors, so I'd rather go to another organization. Their roster is littered with players picked up in trades or off waivers.


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