Blake Snell

Blake Snell is back … almost.

The Rays have announced that they will promote Snell to start Thursday’s game against the Seattle Mariners. Matt Andriese will move to the bullpen and will be available starting Tuesday. The Rays have not yet announced who will be demoted, but presumably it will be a reliever.

Snell had a 1.83 ERA in 44.1 innings at triple-A Durham with 57 strikeouts and 13 walks. He gave up 3 runs in his last start on Friday, but did strike out 13 and walked just 1 in 5.2 innings. He did not allow a run in his previous two starts.

Andriese seemed to run out of gas a bit in his last couple of starts. He posted a 2.36 ERA in his first five starts of the season. In those starts he worked into the sixth inning in each one, twice went 7 innings, and had one complete-game shutout. However, in his last two starts, Andriese pitched just 10.1 innings and gave up 16 hits and 4 walks.



  1. Jim says:

    So this site is pretty much DOA now.

    Gone are the daily reports, gone is the banter about what in game moves should or shouldn’t have been made. No more comments with everyone bashing Don. It’s basically TMZ lite for the Rays, What a shame, it was a nice run.

    • Gus says:

      Maybe Cork will cede the site to the longest tenured commenter. I may be in the running!

    • monte says:

      What happened to Don anyway?

      • Jim says:

        we moved to LA to be closer to C Crawford. remember that love affair and how he was convinced that we completely sh1t the bed by not signing him to a long term, huge money contract?

        • Jim says:

          don and i got married and we moved to LA. we argued round and round but then we just decided to just admit our love and got married.

          Honestly, i think cork finally banned him after 100 warnings.

  2. MONTE says:

    Cork, I don't understand your stats on Snell at Durham. It appears you gave last year's totals. This year he's pitched 63 innings and has a 3.29 ERA, not quite as impressive. He has struck out 90 in those 63 innings. Let's hope he becomes a superstar at Tampa Bay. And let's hope Andriese finds himself in the pen, which could use some help.

  3. Mike says:

    Andriese has been our best starter.He has earned the right to stay there move Smyly ti the pen DUH

  4. Craig says:

    Moore or Smyly to the bullpen. How many lefties you want in there? Someone's getting traded.


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