Emily Austen was fired from her role with Fox Sports Florida and Sun Sports as a sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Rays and Orlando Magic after she made some racist comments during a live web video with Barstool Sports.

Barstool Sports is well known in the online sports community for their edgy humor and for pushing the envelope. It is that environment that Austen now seems to be blaming for her comments.

Austen issued an apology on Sunday, via Twitter, and in that apology she blames “an environment where [she] was trying to be funny and make a joke.”

I made a terrible mistake. I was in an environment where I was trying to be funny and make a joke, and my comments were insensitive. You can trust this was absolutely not my intention. Anyone who knows me knows that it is not how I truly feel. I will continue to work hard to prove myself and make things right. I know I have some growing to do, and I sincerely apologize. Something like this will never happen again.




  1. Political_Man says:

    I didnt read that Austin was trying to blame the environment at all. She was just trying to explain how she made the mistake.

    She was fired. She apologized. We should move on. What she said was not any more racist than what Joe Biden said years baCKent@bigge.com and he's been forgiven. Time to move on.

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    When I watched the video, it seemed more like she'd had a few drinks or a few puffs, not that she was trying to be one of the boys. She'll play hell getting an on camera job again but maybe Dan Sileo needs a sidekick.

  3. bbmern says:

    "Something like this will never happen again." Unfortunately, she may never have an opportunity like this again.

  4. Tyler Durden says:

    She was making jokes. Who gives a shit.


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