Johnny Field, the Rays’ fifth-round pick in the 2013 draft, stole home on Thursday night and he did it in a way not usually seen at the professional level.

The steal came on the catcher’s throw back to the mound. What is interesting is that the catcher seemed to sense that Field was up to something and still lobbed his throw back to the pitcher.

The pitcher actually makes a great play, snagging the toss with his bare hand and throwing home. It looks like the throw is in time, but the catcher dropped the ball.

This may be a case where the catcher has the “yips” on throws back to the mound, not unlike Jon Lester’s throws to first base. Sometime it can be a mental block and he just doesn’t have the courage to zip it back to the mound. If so, it was a great move on Field’s part to take advantage.



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