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RAYS 12, Blue Jays 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Jesus Christ Superstar is born! OK, it was a meaningless home run in the scope of this game, in the 9th inning with a 10-2 score. But it was Taylor Motter’s first career home run and even if he is only with the Rays for a few weeks, he has instantly become a fan favorite. A big part of that is his hair and it is so glorious. This home run was the 55th of the season for the Rays. That is tied for the MLB lead with the Orioles and Mets.

THE BAD: The Jays actually put up a fight for an inning. Lost in all this offense is that the Rays pitching has been mediocre at best recently outside the occasional shutout by Matt Andriese. I think we have moved past the health concerns with Chris Archer, but that doesn’t mean he is back to dominating. In fact, last night’s start was very typical of Archer this season. He worked 6 innings and has still only pitched into the 7th inning once this season. He had 7 strikeouts but also walked 4 batters, something he has done in 3 of his last 4 starts. Last year, Big Tree struck 3.8 batters for every walk. If your ratio is 3-to-1 you are having a good season. This year, Archer strikes out 2.4 batters for every walk and it is just 1.6-to-1 in his last 4 starts. Archer also gave up a home run last year once every 11.1 innings. This year he gives one up once every 5.5 innings including this one to Jose Bautista.

THE TELLING: Steve Pearce started against a right-handed pitcher, batted cleanup, and went 2-3 with 2 walks. Until he gets cold, Pearce should be in the lineup everyday…Kevin Kiermaier has hits in 6 straight games and had his first 3-hit game since the second game of the season…Logan Morrison had 2 RBI in the game. He now has 2 RBI for the entire season after failing to drive in a run in his first 29 games.


  • Matt Moore will get 2 extra days of rest before his next start and will now pitch on Monday. []
  • Despite the struggles from the rotation, CJ Nitkowski says the Rays have the second-best rotation in the AL. [Fox Sports]




  1. Rob says:

    All of this scoring is fun - here is a crazy stat: The Rays have scored over 16% of their runs on the year in the last two games.

  2. Rob says:

    I also wanted to mention that while the pitching has appeared to perform below expectations so far this season, the Rays are third in the AL in ERA. I recognize ERA doesn't tell the whole story, but it's still not a bad place to be.

    • Ken J says:

      The problem is they are last in the A.L. In runs scored and team batting average.

      • Ken J says:

        The red sox don't have great pitching but have scored over 100 runs more than rays. Imagine where we would be if we had scored at least 30 more runs. Our scoring seems to come in bunches.

        • Rob says:

          Fair point about scoring in bunches, but after the last two games, the Rays are now 17th in the Majors in runs scored per game, 9th in the AL. I don't think the Red Sox 5.97 per game is sustainable either (that would be 968 runs at the end of the year).

  3. Gus says:

    Besides being conducive to winning, the best part about scoring lots of runs, and particularly scoring them early, is that is allows you to win games without exhausting your bullpen. With as shaky as the Rays pen has been, this cannot be understated. Cash wore it out last year, and was on his way to doing it again this year.

    But in last 4 games there has been a CG and 2 blowouts where the back-end of the bullpen got the work. This should really help get them through May when Boxberger hopefully comes back with a fresh arm.

  4. Ken says:

    Very soon the FO will be faced with a couple of roster dilemmas. Who goes when Boxburger comes up? Who goes when Logan comes off the DL? The historical "rays" way would have Motter and Geltz going down due to option status. Are they the best moves?
    I'm not convinced of Jennings value to the team. He's a pretty expensive 6th outfielder, counting Dickerson. Feel the same about Eveland. Why not trade Jennings to recoup some cash. Webb and/or Geltz much more desirable than Eveland so DFA him. Silverman has some really important number crunching to do.


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