Chris ArcherOver the weekend, Blue Jays announcer Buck Martinez reportedly said that he thought Chris Archer isn’t “physically right.”

I found this comment odd and out of the blue, but Martinez is a former big-league catcher and manager and had just called a game against the Rays earlier in the week, so maybe he saw something the rest of us were missing. To figure it out, we dug into the numbers and there definitely appeared to be some red flags with Archer’s velocity.

This didn’t sit well with Archer, calling concerns over his velocity “comical,” according to Roger Mooney of

“I’ve seen some headlines, and it’s comical,” Archer told the media. “I was throwing 92 to 96 last game instead of 94-97, and it’s a big deal. My slider was 85 to 88 instead of 86 to 90 and it’s a big deal. I don’t know why. I think people just need something to talk about, something to write about. Something to justify me having not the greatest start.”

It should be noted that I didn’t draw any conclusions about the velocity, noting that it was cold in his second start and maybe his arm is just not in mid-season form yet. Rather, I just noted that it was something to keep an eye on moving forward until we have more data.

Archer, who may have only read the headline(s) and not the actual post, seemed to blame his performance in Camden Yards on the weather.

“But (it was the) first time you throw in 50-degree weather in probably five or six years since I was in the Midwest League, I don’t know what people expect,” Archer said. “I’m still topping out at 96. (Throwing) 93 to 96 or 97 is pretty normal for me, especially early in the season, 50-degree weather. I don’t know? It’s funny. I think I saw ‘Concerns on Archer’s velocity’ or something, and I’m like, that’s not it at all.”

We certainly don’t have any data from Archer’s starts 5-6 years ago in the Midwest League, so maybe it is normal. But last year, his velocity was much better in his first two starts of the season.

In the meantime, Archer says he is fine, dammit. So stop worrying!



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